Writing Intensive Advisory Committee

The Writing Intensive Advisory Committee reviews the WI Course Proposal Form, the Draft Syllabus, and a one-page statement that describes the role of writing in the proposed course.

Deadlines for proposals for ad hoc (1 semester only) writing intensive courses are published every semester--usually

  • the end of September for Spring and Winter courses, and
  • the end of February for Fall and Summer courses

Proposals for ad hoc WI courses should be sent to wac@york.cuny.edu

Questions about proposals should be sent to the WAC Coordinator at mgarley@york.cuny.edu

Permanently designated WI courses are governed by the College Curriculum Committee. For information on making a course permanently writing intensive, contact your department's Curriculum Committee representative.

The Writing Intensive Advisory Committee

Matt Garley, English, WAC Coordinator

Emily Davidson, Health Professions

Elizabeth Alter, Biology

George T. Lam‎, Performing and Fine Arts

Fenio Annansingh-Jamieson, Business and Economics