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Annual Re-Inventory


TO: Vice Presidents, Deans, Chairpersons, and Department Heads

FROM: Marlon Torres, Director of Purchasing, Contracts and Property Management

RE: Annual Re-Inventory

DATE: July 18, 2013

Under Federal Regulations governing colleges and universities, The City University of New York (CUNY) is required to conduct an annual physical inventory of equipment owned by the colleges and to maintain a perpetual inventory of all fixed and movable equipment.  In order to comply with these regulations, York College's re-inventory will commence on August 1, 2013.  Staff from the Purchasing and Property Management Department will be contacting your department to schedule a convenient time to re-inventory items in your Department / Unit.  Division Deans, Chairs and Department Heads will receive a detailed report of all equipment assigned to their departments. As the re-inventory progresses, items not located will be detailed on the 'Not Found' report, and will require the assistance of a department representative in resolving the location of these items.

To ensure accurate identification of York College's equipment located at your home or off-site it is required that the York College Tag Number and serial number be properly identified. As part of the re-inventory process we ask that laptop computers, in particular, be presented for scanning of the CUNY York College Tag Number. To facilitate the re-inventory process, I will be contacting those personnel to schedule a convenient time to bring in computer equipment on campus for scanning before Monday, September 30, 2013. The equipment should be brought to the Purchasing Office, Director of Purchasing, for scanning.

The York College Tag Number and serial number is of most importance in identifying all assets which exceed the following thresholds:

1. Equipment (Non- Computer related) $5,000

2. Furniture and Fixtures $5,000

3. Computer Software $5,000

4. Computer Hardware $1,000

5. Vehicles $5,000

6. Works of Art/Historical Treasures $5,000

All York College purchased equipment whether purchased thru OTPS Tax Levy, Capital; Grants (RF CUNY Purchases) are subject to the annual re-inventory process. A departmental audit of your equipment will ensure compliance with CUNY Guidelines governing assets. Failure to comply will result in your OTPS budget being decreased by the value of the equipment not found in your department.

The re-inventory must be completed by December 31, 2013, including any research that might be needed to resolve items that are classified as "Not Found" in the asset database.

Thank you for your continued support in this matter.  If there are any questions regarding the re-inventory, please contact Ms. Natalie Morris, Property Management Coordinator at, extension 2111.