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Revenue Generating Committee

Thank you for visiting the webpage for the Revenue Generating Committee.

York's President has established a Revenue Generating Committee for York College and charged the Committee to develop and evaluate ideas to generate new revenue from diverse sources to support the College’s operations; to identify areas where efficiencies could be achieved; to solicit ideas from all segments of the college community; and to submit its recommendations to York's President by late April 2019.  We are inviting all members of the York College Community to submit their ideas to the Committee through the link below.

When submitting revenue generating ideas, please be as specific as possible.  The Committee will review all submissions in light of:

  • York College’s Mission and Vision;
  • The potential of the submission to generate revenue, to reduce expenses, the amount of investment required to implement the idea, the timeframe to realize the anticipated outcome and the availability of existing human resources to execute the idea; and
  • How the submission could target the College’s financial needs and help support the College’s financial stability in the near and longer term. 

Please use the following email address for all idea submissions:

Let us all play our parts to help ensure that York College students receive an ever-improving, superior educational experience. Thank you for supporting this effort. 

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