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Saad, Zohra

Saad, Zohra

Associate Professor

World Languages, Literatures, and Humanities

Phone: 718-262-3827
Office Location: AC-3D09
Email: zsaad@york.cuny.edu

As an Assistant-Professor of ESL and French at York College, I put my training in second language acquisition into practice teaching both English as a Second Language and French as a Foreign Language. I am also the coordinator for the French discipline. Having grown in a multilingual, multicultural country, I have always been fascinated by languages and their expressive capability as well as their importance to the identity of the individual. Having experienced first-hand the implementation of Arabization, I have naturally become interested in this process and the policies aimed at ensuring the primacy of Modern Standard Arabic in Algeria. I am also interested in the attitudes of Algerian language users towards MSA, Algerian Arabic, and the Tamazight language. I am equally interested in the re-emergence of Amazigh ethnic identity in Algeria and the fight for linguistic rights

Office Hours

Tuesday3:00- 4:00 pm
Monday/Wednesday3:00-4:00 pm
By appointment


EDD Teachers' College, Columbia University Applied Linguistics 1992 
MA Boston University Education 1979 
BA University of Algiers Teaching English as a Foreign Language 1976 

Areas of Expertise

  • Language planning and its impact
  • Language policy attitudes
  • Minority language rights

Publications in Field Of Expertise