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History (BA) Program Assessment


The History Program seeks to impart knowledge of the societies and cultures of the past both to inform students and help them better understand present day events. The curriculum is designed to develop an appreciation of the study of history as one of the major modes of humanity’s search for knowledge of itself as well as familiarity with the methods historians employ. In addition, the goal of the program is to enhance student skills in analysis, oral/written communication, and critical thinking. Given our presence in the Pathways curriculum and the popularity of our Instructors, we serve nearly all students at York. As a result, our curriculum should prepare students for lives as engaged citizens and for a plethora of careers from professional historians, lawyers, diplomats, financiers, health practitioners, to researchers, archivists, teachers, public policy makers, or entrepreneurs.


  • Develop a way of thinking that places the formation of any specific cultures in a broader historical Context
  • Develop an intellectual interest in exploring ethnic, racial, religious and ideological factors behind nationalism and decolonization movements
  • Develop skills to evaluate primary and Click or tap here to enter text. secondary source materials

The History (BA) Program is part of the school of Arts and Sciences, History, Philosophy, and Anthropology Department