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Health Education PreK-12 (BS) Program Assessment


The Health Education pK-12 program's mission is to prepare Health Education Teacher Educators (HETE) who have demonstrated mastery of the necessary content knowledge, content pedagogy, health enhancing skills and professional dispositions needed to support student learning.


  • HETE candidates assess needs to determine priorities for school health education
  • HETE candidates assess student learning
  • HETE candidates communicate and advocate for health and school health education
  • HETE candidates demonstrate the knowledge and skills of a health literate educator
  • HETE candidates implement health education instruction
  • HETE candidates plan and coordinate a school health education program
  • HETE candidates plan effective, comprehensive school health education curricula and programs
  • HETE candidates serve as a resource person in health education.

The Health Education PreK-12 (BS) Program is part of the school of Health Sciences and Professional Programs, Health and Human Performance Department