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Mathematics Learning Center

The Mathematics Learning Center (MLC) offers help in multiple areas of Mathematics and most Computer Science courses. Assistance includes help with homework, coursework, and projects. It may be possible to work alone or in groups of up to 2 students per session.

Welcome to The Mathematics Learning Center!

The Department of Mathematics & Computer Science operates a Mathematics Learning Center by experienced undergraduate students. It is intended mainly for students who are taking undergraduate courses such as MATH 104, 111, 115,119, 120, 121, 122, 221, 225 and CS 172, 291,341,357,391,397,451,457. It provides a welcoming environment to work on homework or prepare for exams.The MLC offers table tutoring (up to 2 students). One-on-one tutoring may also be available for various Mathematics and Computer Science courses.

Register online for tutoring

After registering online, you can begin making appointments with our Mathematics and/or Computer Science tutors.

Be sure to have you validated student ID before visiting the Mathematics Learning Center.

Mission Statement

Every York student is required to complete one or more courses in Mathematics. The MLC strives to foster the academic growth of all York students by helping them succeed in their Mathematics classes. We provide tutoring in all gateway Mathematics Courses.

The mission of the MLC is to provide a comfortable, supportive environment that encourages intellectual and personal growth for students who are both utilizing and providing academic services. In addition, the MLC strives to provide quality workshops and a variety of resources that complement the coursework of York students. The goal of the Center is to individualize the learning process for any student who seeks assistance.

Through collaboration with the entire campus community, MLC strives to continually expand tutoring efforts and services to meet the needs of students and enhance their overall learning environment and success. All services offered through MLC are designed to support individual students in their desire to pass their Mathematics and Computer Science classes and thereby achieve their academic goals.

Mathematics Learning Center (MLC)

MLC Director
Dr. Adefemi Sunmonu

MLC Coordinator
Ms. Soraya Rojas Gonzales

Academic Core 3E07-C

Monday - Friday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday: Closed

(718) 262-2710