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Frequently Asked Questions

The Math Learning Center (MLC) offers free Mathematics and Computer Sciences tutoring services and workshops to all registered York College students. Our tutors are high- achieving undergraduate and graduate students who are trained and skilled to provide you with the best knowledge to improve and enrich your skills in Mathematics and Computer Science courses. Throughout the semester, some of our faculty members volunteer to help students by offering tutorial assistance or conducting workshops in the MLC.

Questions List

  1. When are we open?
  2. How can a student get help from the Math Learning Center?
  3. How can a student get more information about the Math Learning Center besides our website?
  4. How can a student get a Reference Form?
  5. What kind of workshop The Math Learning Center offers?
  6. Where can a student submit a form?

Questions & Answers

When are we open?

Sessions Days and Time
Fall and Spring semester: Mon-Fri: 9am-7pm & Sat: TBA
Summer Session I and II: Mon-Thurs: 1pm–6pm
Winter Intersession: Mon-Thurs: 1pm-6pm
Finals’ exam week: Mon-Fri: 9am-12am & Sat. 9am-7pm,
only Fall and Spring.


How can a student get help from the Math Learning Center?

  1. By submitting a weekly registration form, students can register to meet with a tutor for two hours, once a week throughout the whole semester. Early registration is suggested so you can choose the best time that will fit your schedule.
  2. Students can come to our center for a drop-in sessions on a first come, first served basis to work with a tutor, no appointment is required for a drop-in session. For more information, see tutors’ schedule and tutors’ schedule by courses.
  3. Students can attend our workshops that are offer at the end of every semester. See workshops’ schedule for more information.
  4. Students are also invited to make use of our final review materials and handoutsthat are available in hard copies at our center or online.
  5. The center also provides a variety of Math and CS books, laptop and calculator.
  6. During the center hours and by leaving your YorkCollege ID at the front desk, students can use: books, calculator, computer and laptop. The MLC does not lend books, calculator or laptop to take them out of the center.

How can a student get more information about the Math Learning Center besides our website?

1. By visiting our center at:

Building: Academic Core, we are located at the east side of the library

Room: 3E07-C

2. Callus at 718-262-2710

3. Email us at

4. Also, during the first two weeks of every semester, a MLC representative will visit your classroom to provide information to students about our center by handing out brochures that have a briefly describes ABOUT US and sheets about the MLC schedules and center’s hours. Our representative will also give a verbal brief introduction, describing the services offered at the MLC.

How can a student get a Reference Form?

Your professor will recommend and provide you with a reference form. Only students with this form will have priority for early registration.

Once registered, your professor will receive a confirmation email; and at the end of the semester, a letter of attendance will be provided from the MLC Coordinator. If requested, a progress report may be provided at the end of the semester too.

Due to limited space, we always suggest students to submit their reference form at the beginning of the semester or as early as you can, preferably in the first two weeks, before general registration start.

What kind of workshop The Math Learning Center offers?

1. On-site Workshop: The Math Learning Center will offer on-site final review workshops for Math 104, 111, 115, 119, 120, 121 and 122. Please visit our website for more information.

2. In-Class Workshop: This workshop is requested by your professor. Your professor will schedule an in-class workshop by submitting an In-Class Workshop form. The Center will try the best to accommodate as many requests as possible.

Where can a student submit a form?

All forms can be submitted

1. At the Center, located at Room AC 3E07-C

2. Or by email to

For additional information please call at 718-262-2710