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Renukha Ram Thanks Community for its Support

We would like to highlight Renukha Chitrarekha Ram, a student who shared the most touching story about her trials and persistence to graduate! She so beautifully shared with us great gratitude and appreciation to all those who have helped her on her journey.

Jumping into the new year strong, she expresses that she “will continue pushing forward until every ceiling is shattered. Every door that was once sealed will remain open so that those after me will be able to enter.” Throughout her lifetime she has had the honor of crossing paths with people who have changed her life and guided her in the correct direction. She recalls times “from middle school dean who would always shout “stick to your right!” or say “do the right thing!” to college professors such as Dr Lee, Dr Small, Dr Carta, and Dr Chakravarti, who continued to inspire her, even after the term was over. Renukha extends a warm thank you “from the bottom of my heart to my York College family, thank you for the support and guidance over the years! As well as extending gratitude to her parents and best friend, Krishna, “for their pillar of support, strength, and patience, endless love and guidance without you this would not be possible. The values and ethics that was cultivated at York College will always follow me for the rest of my life.”

Thank you Renukha for sharing your heartfelt story!


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