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Update on York’s Capital Project

An update on our work to improve the look and function of our campus

Although most of the York College community has been away from the campus for almost a year now, we have not abandoned the work to improve the look and function of our campus. The extensive capital project has continued mostly on target as we function remotely. To this end, we want to update you on the exciting developments going on at York.

The elevator project has been completed and the escalators have been installed and functioning. Meanwhile, the Milton G. Bassin Performing Arts Center (The PAC) exterior work is progressing as expected, and campus-wide upgrades both visible and background, such as ground water sump pump, are progressing and construction in the Green House, animal labs and Data Center are well underway. Other projects such as lecture halls, Chemistry and Biology Labs as well as the Faculty Dining Room, are also on target.

For more, see the provided Power Point presentation. When all aspects of the project are completed, our campus will look, feel and function in a way that is more conducive to elevated morale and functionality

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