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York Aviation Students Volunteer at JFK Run the Runway

York college Aviation students recently served as volunteers for the Rotary Clubs' JFK Run the Runway 5K.

Dr. Billy Metallinos front left, and Aviation student volunteers

The late April event got the 14-student cohort off campus to donate time in volunteering at an event loosely connected to their field of study.

 "After two years of pause, I am glad that the JFK community has resumed its vivid activities,” said Dr. Chris Hsu, professor of Finance and director of the CUNY Aviation Institute at York College. “As always, our Aviation Management students are enthusiastic about volunteering at aviation events and demonstrating their engagement with the aviation industry."

Dr. Hsu is also thankful for his former student-turned colleague, Dr. Billy Metallinos, who accompanied the students to the event.

“I want to thank Dr. Billy Metallinos for helping be the chaperone, said Hsu. “Billy was my student and graduated from our Aviation Management program in 2012. He returned to teach Aviation classes for us.”

As an undergraduate, Metallinos was one of York’s most visible students. He was a fully engaged member of the student body, participating not only in events by his department, but an all-around member of the campus community. He enjoyed chaperoning the students to Kennedy Airport for the event.

“Not only was this a great way for the students to get acclimated to the airport environment,” said Dr. Metallinos. “It also instills a sense of responsibility in volunteerism and giving back to society, which employers often look for and it feels good to help others. It was educational and fun also! These current and future aviators are now more prepared to excel in aviation and become transformative leaders in a dynamic global economy.”