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YC Theatre Fall Production Auditions

York College Theatre is excited to announce the Auditions to its fall 2022 major production. Students cast in the production may earn 3 credits by registering for TA 215 Theatre Practice.

Audition Information

For our fall major production, we are considering 4 exciting plays from four exciting playwrights: Pulitzer Prize winners, Lynn Nottage, and Suzan-Lori Parks;  Danai Gurira, Okoye from "Black Panther"; and Douglas Lyons, who's comedy "Chicken & Biscuits" wowed Broadway audiences last fall.


Virtual Audition Dates

Friday, April  8th, 2pm - 4pm

Tuesday, April 12th, Noon-2 pm 

Audition link!

For a virtual audition time other than those listed please email:


Audition Requirements

  • You merely have to show up!  Material will be provided for you to read.
  • You may be called back to read for a specific part.


Other considerations

  • Rehearsals will begin in September 2022
  • Performances will be the first weekend of December, 2022
  • Actors must have available free time in their school/work schedule: Ideally at least two or three 3-hour open periods per week on weekday afternoons, evenings, or Saturdays.
  • You may also earn credit by joining our backstage crew!


About the Plays

In the Blood by Suzan-Lori Parks

A merciless and brutal drama, In the Blood offers at the same time a critical portrayal of the treadmill of poverty and a powerful allegory for the subjugation of African-American culture in an institutionally racist system.

Hester:  Female

Reverend D/Baby:  Male

The Welfare Lady/Bully:  Female

The Doctor/Trouble:  Male

Amiga Gringa/Beauty:  Female

Chilli/Jabber:  Male


Familiar by Danai Gurira

It's winter in Minnesota and a Zimbabwean-American family is preparing for the wedding of their eldest daughter. When an unexpected guest arrives and the bride surprises the family by insisting on a traditional African ceremony, pre-wedding stress explodes into a full-on family feud. Fiercely funny, fast-paced and filled with love, Familiar is a brilliant portrayal of a tight-knit family searching to preserve their past while building a new future. 

Nyasha:  American-Zimbabwean young woman in her late twenties, Marvelous and Donald’s youngest daughter

Margaret Munyewa (Mai Tongai):  An African woman in her fifties, Marvelous’ youngest sister

Tendikayi:  American-Zimbabwean woman in her mid-thirties, Marvelous and Donald’s oldest daughter

Donald (Baba Tendi): An African man in his mid-sixties, Marvelous’ husband

Anne (Mai Carol):  an African woman in her late sixties, Marvelous’ eldest sister

Marvelous (Mai Tendi):  An African woman in her mid-sixties, matriarch

Chris:  A Caucasian American man, Tendikayi’s fiancé, mid-thirties

Brad: A Caucasian American man, Chris’ cousin, mid-thirties


Crumbs from The Table of Joy by Lynn Nottage

Crumbs is the coming of age story of Ernestine, and the ways in which her family finds their way—their own peace. Their story is a testament to the challenging nature of change, and the ways in which to manage it. In the end for the Crump family, “joy comes in the morning.”

Ernestine Crump:  17, African American

Ermina Grump:  15, African American

Godfrey Grump:  35, African American

Lily Ann Green:  35 African American

Gerte Shulte:  30, German


Chicken & Biscuits by Douglas Lyons

The Jenkins family is coming together to celebrate the life of their father — hopefully without killing each other. But any hopes for a peaceful reunion unravel when a family secret shows up at the funeral.

Baneatta Mabry:  An upstanding and stern Christian woman.  Mother to Kenny and Simone, and wife to Reginald.  She’s overbearingly full of love, but quite uptight and stubborn in her religious ways.  Mid 40’s, African-American.

Reginald Mabry:  Baneatta’s faithful husband and the new pastor of their home church.  He’s the peace-maker of the family.  Reginald is a ball of love, with a side of corny Dad jokes.  Late 40’s, African -American.

Kenny Mabry:  Baneatta and Reginald’s youngest child.  He’s proudly queer, but cowers in the presence of his mother.  Kenny bites when he needs to, but at the end of the day he just wants to be loved.  Mid-20’s, African-American.

Logan Leibowitz:  Kenny’s neurotic and dramatic Jewish boyfriend of four years, he often spins himself into a tizzy, but always wants to be there for Kenny.  Logan’s week pen is his crutch for tough times.  Mid-20’s, White.

Beverly Jenkins:  Baneatta’s younger sister.  The “fun Aunt” who’s always in a push-up bra. But don’t mistake her vibrance for incompetence.  She’s a savage, “classy”, not so boujee, but definitely ratchet when necessary.  Late 30’s, African-American.

La’trice Franklin: Beverly’s daughter.  She’s nosy, loud and in everyone else’s business, but her own.  When not on her phone, she shows love – but in her own Gen Z way.  Sarcasm is her love language.  17, African-American.

Simone Mabry:  Kenny’s older sister and Baneatta’s favorite. She followed the “right path.:  Though pulled, she can be shady.  While fierce on the exterior, Simoneis internally wounded from a recent failed engagement.  Early 30’s, African-American.

Brianna Jenkins:  Baneatta and Beverly’s half sister through an affair.  She didn’t know her Father, but has come to his funeral to gather more details on him.  She’s sweet, vulnerable and collected.  30’s, African-American.