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Pitsikalis, Harry

Pitsikalis, Harry

Curriculum Vitae

Behavioral Sciences

Phone: 718-262-2680
Office Location: AC-4D06

Office Hours  
Tuesday  2pm-5pm 
Wednesday  4pm-5pm 


Degree Institution Field Dates
  Wright State University  Clinical Psychology  2013 
  Seton Hall University  Mental Health Counseling  2007 
  York College  Psychology  2004 
Dr. Pitsikalis’ research interest fall generally within the domain of gender role socialization that contributes to the development and maintenance of psychopathology. He is interested in how men and women express symptoms of depression, anxiety, and personality disorders. In particular, his objective is to increase our awareness that therapists may hold different standards of mental health based on gender. Clinically, he enjoys working with the severally mentally ill (SMI) inpatient populations, especially those clients diagnosed with schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder.

Areas of Expertise

Psychodynamic theory
Gender issues

Presented Papers, Lectures, and Exhibitions and Performances

" Pitsikalis, H. & Spofford, J. (2014, April). A historical understanding of trauma and its metaphorical shift within psychiatric diagnosing. Poster session will be presented at APA Division 17 Counseling Psychology Conference, Atlanta, GA. " : .

" Spofford, J. L., Pitsikalis, H., Grigoryev, P., Friend, J. H., & Ferguson, B. (2013, September). PTSD diagnosis across time from DSM-III to DSM-V. Panel discussion at the 64th Mississippi Psychological Association Annual Convention, Gulfport, MS. " : .

" Friend, J. & Pitsikalis, H. (2013, July). Mindfulness, Acceptance, and Substance Abuse: Holding One’s Life with Open Hands. Workshop presented at the Annual Southern Christian Services for Children and Youth Conference in Natchez, Mississippi. " : .

" Pitsikalis, H. & Virzi, J. (2010, February). Draw your Jealousy: An Alternative Expression. Poster board presented at the National Summit on Interpersonal Violence and Abuse in Dallas, Texas. " : .

" Pitsikalis, H. (2007, April). The Impact of Masculine Gender Role on Men’s Experience of Depression. Poster board presented at the Annual Conference for the NJ Counseling Association. " : .