York College / City University of New York
Amenyo, John-Thones

Amenyo, John-Thones

Assistant Professor

Mathematics and Computer Science

Phone: 718-262-2552
Office Location: AC-2C07E
Email: jtamenyo@york.cuny.edu

Applications of Humanitarian Technology and Intelligent Cognitive Agencies to Wildfires, Guns, Opioid Overdose Death Prevention, Healthy Heart Lifestyles

Biosensor Arrays for Mosquito Vector Control, Environmental Monitoring, Entomological Surveillance

UAV Multicopter Drones for Mosquito Vector Control in Malaria Disease Management

End-User Parallel Programming (EUPP) for High-Performance Computing

Applications of massively parallel computing to Computational STEM

Neuronal CDMA, Neural Spread-Spectrum

Neuro-Architecture Model: implementing (natural, artificial) minds and (biologically inspired) cognitive architectures on (natural, artificial and biologically plausible) brains/CNS

Computation Architecture models of CNS / Brain / Mind / Neuro-Glia interactions

EDC/FT Hyper-informatics. Inter-operability automation and autonomics of cyber-infrastructures, emergency, disaster, crisis informatics

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PhD Columbia University E.E.  
MPhil Columbia University E.E.  
MS Columbia University E.E. & Comp. Sci  
BS MIT E.E. & Comp. Sci  

Areas of Expertise

  • Humanitarian Technology
  • Intelligent Cognitive Agencies & Assistants
  • Future Applications of AI, Robots and Drones
  • Automation, AI and Future of Work
  • Digital Animism, Computational Animism, Cognitive Animism, Intelligence Animism, Automatic-Autonomics Animism, Technology Animism
  • UAV Multi-copter Drones in Mosquito Vector Control for Malaria Disease Management and Eradication
  • Biosensor Arrays in Mosquito Vector Control, Environmental Monitoring, Entomological Surveillance
  • Complex Adaptive Systems, Systems of Systems Engineering, Integration, Intelligence
  • Public Health Informatics & Automation
  • End-User Parallel Programming of STEM Applications for HPC, Multicore Arch
  • Learning Automation & Learning Informatics Instructional Tech, Serious Ganes
  • Conscious Robots & Self-Aware Robots
  • Computational Models of CNS / Brain / Mind / Neuro-Glia Interactions
  • Autonomic Systems
  • Emergency, Disaster, Crisis Informatics

Publications in Field Of Expertise