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Hux, Samuel

Hux, Samuel

Curriculum Vitae

Professor Emeritus
History, Philosophy and Anthropology

Phone: 718-262-2000
Office Location: AC-3D08B


Degree Institution Field Dates
PhD  University of Connecticut  English  1965 
AB  University of North Carolina  English / Philosophy  1958 
Samuel Hux is a founding faculty member at York. While Professor of English (offering Understanding Poetry, Old and New Testaments, Tragedy, Shakespeare, and the "great books" course Foundations of Western Literature) he teaches more than half his schedule each semester in Philosophy (Introduction to Philosophy, American Philosophy, Aesthetics) and the Western Civilization survey governed by the History and Philosophy Department. He is currently engaged in two lengthy Works in Progress: (1) the revision of selected essays for a proposed collection; (2) a book-length manuscript in intellectual history on the theme of the dissociation of cultivation and ethics in modern western civilization, tentatively entitiled THE GENTILE PROBLEM. Professor Hux wishes to note that "Field of Expertise" below is somewhat misleading--and forbidding--since he has functioned as a generalist: a literary, philosophical, and familiar essayist seeking Virginia Woolf's educated "common reader."

Areas of Expertise

Holocaust Literature
Classical Foundations of Western Literature
American Thought
History of Ideas

Books in Field Of Expertise

Articles in Field Of Expertise

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Chapters in Field Of Expertise

Samuel Hux. "Our Uncle Irving: Howe's Conservative Strain." Irving Howe and the Critics, ed. John Rodden, University of Nebraska Press. 2005: 47-56.

Reviews in Field Of Expertise

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