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Undergraduate Research

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Undergraduate Research

Dr. Yolanda Small of York’s Chemistry Department and Executive Officer (EO) of the Doctoral Program in Chemistry at the Graduate Center, is one of five CUNY faculty who jointly won a $3 million National Science Foundation (NSF) grant. The grant is intended to train students in Nanotechnology.

This new NSF grant will allow faculty associated with the Graduate Center and at its Advanced Science Research Center, to launch and maintain the NRT-URoL program: Nanoscience Connected to Life, to ready diverse students for careers that integrate aspects of life sciences with nanoscience. These include opportunities in biomedical engineering, biotechnology, food science, forensics, materials science, robotics, and clean energy.

The comprehensive program provides funding, research training and mentorship, and professional development to select students aligned with the Graduate Center’s Ph.D. programs in Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Physics. Students will gain expertise in their own disciplines and will benefit from working in cross-disciplinary teams to address urgent societal challenges related to environmental instabilities and health crises.

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