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Policy Governing IT Purchases

Policy & Procedures for Ordering of Computer Desktops, Laptops, Macbooks, or Miscellaneous Information Technology Items


This document provides guidelines governing request for purchases for goods or services which are classified as Information Technology Procurements. Procurements for the purchase of information technology or telecommunications related goods and services including software and hardware require pre-approval from York College's Chief Information Officer (CIO) or designee (Commodity Manager).


Roles & Responsibilities of the following parties concerning these guidelines:

Requestor - Prepares the Purchase Requisition to include the following:

  • Complete description of the item or service with part or model numbers if available. Detailed specifications, if non available must contact the IT Department for assistance

  • Quantity required

  • The date when the item or service is required.

  • Requesting department name.

  • Contact information and delivery specifications

  • Recommended vendor or source if applicable.

  • A copy of an estimate if available.

Requestor - Obtains prior approval of the Purchase Requisition from the Head of the IT Department, Chief Information Officer or Designee prior to submission to Purchasing Department.

Requestor - Contacts the Purchasing Department's Property Management Coordinator when a Computer Desktop, Laptop, Macbook or Miscellaneous Information Technology Item is received.

IT Department - Reviews and Approves Purchase Requisitions submitted by Requestor in accordance with the following internal protocols:

  • The CIO or Designee will review the Requisition to ensure that the goods / service conform to the College's standard specifications. This action will ensure centralization, standardization, conformity to technical specifications and tracking of IT Assets purchase regardless of the funding source.

  • The CIO or Designee will assist the Requestor in the preparation of Technical Specifications.

  • CIO or Designee will assign an IT Staff Member, otherwise referred to as the Commodity Manager, to inspect the items received at the point of receipt, at loading dock. Inspection shall be as per these guidelines to ensure compliance with technical specifications and record keeping requirements.

Purchasing Department - Processes the Requisitions approved by Requestor / Supervisor and Chief Information Officer in accordance with CUNY Procurement Guidelines and the following internal protocol:

  • Prepares Solicitation Documents as a result of the Purchase Requisitions received in order to issue to vendors Request for Quotations (RFQ) or Invitation for Bids (IFBs) to obtain pricing information for goods / services required

  • Generates in the CUNYFirst / Access System Purchase Orders as a result of receipts or quotes / bids received from the vendor community in response to a solicitation

  • Records and Encumbers all orders within the CUNYFirst / NY State Financial Accounting System

  • Communicates with Requestor all information concerning orders placed as a result of the Purchase Requisition submitted

  • Property Coordinator shall inspect and record orders received and classified as inventorial within the CUNY Asset Management Module / INSITE

Receiving Unit - Receives shipments and processes receipts in accordance with the following:

  • Receiving Personnel in the loading dock shall notify the Commodity Manager and Property Coordinator when items such as Desktops, Monitors, Laptops, Macbooks and other computer related items are received so that they can be inspected and tagged (if applicable) for recording into CUNYFirst / INSITE Database.
  • Once items are properly received they will be delivered to the Requestor.

With the implementation of the CUNYFIRST Procurement Module this policy may be amended accordingly to reflect the revised business rules as imposed by the new system.