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Student Educational Planner

The Student Educational Planner (SEP) helps advisors and students work together to plan each term of coursework to ensure student success. By developing a plan, students will have a clear path of coursework needed in sequential order. In addition, advisors can use the features in the plan to identify courses that are essential to students’ timely degree completion.

The Benefits of the Student Educational Planner

  • Shows students how to complete a degree in four years
  • Advisors can create an academic plan which can be viewed by both the advisor and student
  • A calendar view for easy understanding of academic plans.
  • Planner notes where advisors can communicate additional information or special instruction about the course selection and/or grade needed in the course.
  • A side-by-side degree audit and student planner view shows students how courses in the plan will apply to the degree audit.

Accessing the Student Educational Planner?

Will I still be able to view my audit in DegreeWorks?

Yes, the way to access and view the degree audit (worksheet tab) has not changed. The degree audit will continue to provide information about degree requirements.

Degree Audit and Student Educational Planner

The degree audit and plan are best used together!

  • The degree audit (worksheet tab) provides students with information about their degree requirements; it shows WHAT requirements students have completed and still need.
  • The SEP (plans tab) offers information for each semester as to which courses should be taken in particular prerequisite sequencing. SEP shows WHEN courses will be completed.
  • It is important that students follow their academic plan to ensure timely graduation. 

Faculty and Staff Resources

Student Educational Planner Manual for Faculty and Staff