Office of the Bursar

Office of the Bursar


Collection Information and Procedures

York College Collection Policy

In accordance with the CUNY Tuition and Fee Manual, students must satisfy their tuition and fees debt prior to the start of classes. After the change of program period has ended, negative service indicators will be placed on student accounts with balances equal to or greater than $10. Emails, using students' preferred email addresses, will be sent from to inform the students of their outstanding debt and block. Negative indicators prohibit students from receiving school services such as, but not limited to, registering for future semesters, receiving transcripts and diplomas, etc. Students are encouraged to view their balances and holds on CUNYfirst Self-Service. Student accounts that remain outstanding for 30 days or more will be accessed a $15 late payment fee.

The Office of the Bursar will accept the following forms of payment for tuition and fees at the service window: cash, certified check, money order, bank check, and personal check. Personal checks are not accepted for prior semesters or from students who have returned checks/eChecks. Tuition and fee payments are also accepted online. Students may use the free-of-charge ePayment option, which electronically debits savings or checking accounts. Please note if ePayments are returned as uncollected for any reason, a negative service indicator will be placed on a student's account that will prohibit the use of checks for future transactions. Accounts also will be assessed an additional $20 reprocessing fee and a $15 late payment fee, respectively.

Student accounts with outstanding balances will be sent to the collection agency six months after the end of the semester the debt is owed. When accounts are sent to collections, students must pay the agency the amount owed to the college and any collections costs and fees incurred.

Prior to sending accounts to collections, students will be sent a written letter to the primary mailing address indicated in CUNYfirst.

Once a student's account is sent to collections, the Office of the Bursar is no longer able to accept payments. Payments must be made directly to the collection agency. Please contact the collection agency directly for payment options.

Name and phone number of collection agency:

The University has contracts with two collection agencies: Collection Bureau Hudson Valley (CBHV, formerly known as Immediate Credit Recovery (ICR), is the primary collection agency and Transworld Systems (TSI) is the secondary agency. After one year of attempting to collect an outstanding debt, ICR returns the debt to the college. Upon return, the college must forward the outstanding debts to the secondary agency.

The student contact information is noted below for each agency:

Collection Bureau Hudson Valley (CBHV): 800-745-1395

Transworld Systems (TSI): 855-654-7300

Fees charged by the agency:

The collection agencies charge fees in addition to any outstanding debts. The fees charged by the agencies are subject to change and are noted below:

CBHV charges 14.5%

TSI charges 18.038%

Payment plans with the Collection Agency:

Students interested in a payment plan must inquire with the collection agency. Until the student's entire balance is paid in full, including the principal and all fees, the student's negative service indicator will remain on the account, which prohibits the student from receiving services from the college. When requested by the student, the collection agency will notify the college via email that the account is paid in full. Upon receipt of the email, the negative service indicator is removed and the student may inquire about readmission to the college.

Amount Inquiries or concerns:

The student may contact the collection agency to request an account detail. The student may also inquire with the Bursar's Office questions related to any outstanding debts. However, the Office of the Bursar is unable to accept payments if the student's account is with the collection agency.

Additional information:

When students log into Self Service Center on CUNYfirst, outstanding debts appear on the main page. Student payment due dates are available on CUNYfirst. Students may view their outstanding debts on CUNYfirst at any time, activate their York College email addresses, and regularly check for information from the college.

Payments collected will apply to prior year debts first.