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Health Disparities Research Study

Thank you for your interest in being a Participant in Our Study.

Call for participation! No Cost

We need you if you are?

  • Forty (40) years or older
  • An English speaker
  • Available to participate in this project for 6 months
  • Healthy OR have Health issues (like diabetes, high blood pressure, weight issues)
  • A resident of Southeast, Queens, NY

Would you like to be a healthier you? Would you like to understand more about medications, treatments or even what your doctor is saying? Would you like a FREE health assessment?

If you answered "Yes" to these questions, then join the York College Health Study

For additional information contact

Are you 40 years of age or older?
Are you an English Speaker?
Are you Healthy?
Do you have any health issues?
Do you have any of these?
If you have health issues, do you take medication(s)?
Are you a resident of Southeast Queens?
Would you be available to participate in this study for 6 months?
Would you be able to come to York College one time before the start of the study?
What time frame is best for you?