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Research Examples

Research Topic Guideline

Research must be original, however it can be subtopic of a bigger project. The project can be multidisciplinary if the mentors agree. 

  • Synthesis of Drug delivery Research 
    • Molecular modeling of ground state and excited states of model drug 
      • Subtopic: Calculating different energy state and geometry using a software; Gauss 
    • Synthesis of the starting material 
      • Subtopic: Traditional organic synthesis of the compound 
    • Testing drug delivery in a cell culture 
      • Subtopic: Shinning light to drug delivery system in a cell culture in the petri dish 
  • Evolutionary and ecological genomics in aquatic environments
    • Evolution, population genetics and speciation in African freshwater fishes
      • Subtopic: DNA extraction, PCR Amplification and DNA sequencing of fishes
    • The Jamaica Bay metagenome project
    • eDNA in NYC and beyond
    • Adaptation to urban living in fishes
    • Marine mammal ecology and evolution