Honors Program

Honors Program


There are three tiers of the Honors Program, these are the requirements and description for the Cadet track.

The goal of the honors program is to give all students the opportunity to excel. We believe that in order to be an honors student you have to have certain qualities, experiences, and GPA. If accepted to the honors program as a cadet, you will be able to start to fulfill all the requirements of the program while also raising your GPA. We know this is a difficult task, which is why we will stay by your side to help you, just like any other honors student. As a cadet you are allowed to take honors courses and start research with professors, in order to fulfill all the requirements, but in order to graduate through the honors program (Fellow and Scholar) you must have at least a 3.5 GPA at the time of your graduation. However, you can stay in the Honors program as a Cadet track student if you maintain the GPA over 3.3.

(As of March 10th, 2021)

Students in Cadet track will not receive an honors degree, this track is to help students raise their GPA and plan which pathway they would like to fulfill. 

The current members of York Fellow (3.5 GPA) and York Scholar (3.5 GPA) tracks can maintain their Honors status as a Cadet even if their GPA drop below the required 3.5 GPA of each track. Those students can continuously accumulate their requirements of the respected track toward the graduation while trying to raise your GPA.

  • Maintain GPA over 3.3; improve GPA over 3.5 to get Honors degree (Fellow or Scholar)
  • Conduct a mentored research (at least three semesters: volunteer or 490 class)  [see Important Forms and Deadlines on Blackboard]
  • Take three Honors courses and receive B or better grade
  • Attend Honors Seminars
  • Do service and volunteer