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Programs and courses of the Mathematics and Computer Studies Department at York College.

Mathematics and Computer Science Electives

CS 334: Computer Graphics 3 hrs. 3 crs. Preq: CS 341 and MATH 225. Basic mathematical tools and computational techniques for modeling and displaying three-dimensional geometric objects; transformations in the plane and 3-space; representation of curves and surfaces; representation of solids; raster graphics; color; strategies for visible-surface determination; illumination and shading algorithms.

CS 377: Artificial Intelligence 3 hrs. 3 crs. Preq: MATH 225 and CS 341. Major ideas and techniques of Artificial Intelligence; knowledge representation, reasoning, and machine learning schemes; issues underlying the design of intelligent computational agents; implementation using the Lisp programming language.

CS 381: Software Development 4 hrs; 4 crs Prereq: Mathematics 141 or 225, and CS 291 Software portability and reuse; overview of a design language such as Ada; object-oriented programming; exceptions handling; generics; packages; tasks and concurrence; applications of data structures and algorithm analysis. Students are expected to complete several laboratory assignments and a software project.

CS 382: Software Engineering 3 hrs; 3 crs Prereq: CS 381 The software life cycle requirements specification; software process; prototyping; use of case tools; software testing, documentation and management; social and ethical issues written reports and oral presentations of software projects.

CS 391: Object Oriented Programing 4 hrs; 4 crs Introduction to object-oriented programming, concepts of constructor, destructor, inheritance and polymorphism. Use of object linking and embedding (OLE). Use of Dynamic Link Library (DLL).

CS392: Database Systems 4 hrs. 4 crs. Preq: CS 341 and MATH 225, or CS 341 and CS 292. Entity-Relationship model, relational algebra, relational calculus, SQL, integrity constraints, functional dependencies, normalization of data, storage and file structure, transactions, concurrency control and recovery.

CS 452: UNIX Operating System 3 hrs; 3 crs. Prereq: CS341 and CS 451 An in-depth study of the design and implementation of the UNIX operating system, the data structures of the UNIX kernel and the UNIX file system.

CS 461: Network Computing 4 hrs. 4 crs. Preq: CS 291. Computing in a network environment. Intranets, the server, TCP/IP, the Internet and World Wide Web (WWW), web publishing, Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Java.

CS 465: Cryptography and Network Security 3 hrs; 3 crs. Prereq: CS291 and Math 225 Ciphers, public and private keys, encryption and decryption, conventional encryption algorithms, modular arithmetic, Fermat and Euler theorems, RSA Algorithm, network security.

CS 491 - 499: Advances Topics in Computing/Information Systems Management 2 hrs; 2 crs. Prereq: CS 291; depending on the topic offered, additional prerequisites may be determined by the department. Study of selected topics in computer and/or information systems management which are not covered in other course offerings, such as operating systems, case studies, exotic programming languages, compilers, microcomputer systems, integrated software, database design, networking, artificial intelligence and expert systems, computer algebra systems, etc. Students are expected to complete several laboratory assignments.

MATH230: Theory of Numbers 4 hrs. 4 crs. Preq: MATH 122. Properties of integers, divisibility; prime numbers, congruences, and diophantine equations. Selected topics. Applications of number theory to public key and key exchange cryptological systems.

MATH243: Combinatorial and Discrete Geometry 3 hrs. 3 crs. Preq: MATH 122. Not open to students with credit in MATH 241. A survey of Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometrical ideas primarily from a non-metrucak oersoectuve, Axiom systems. Distance functions. Basic topics in the theory of graphs; trees, planarity, networks, coloring problems, and Euler's polyhedral formula. Basic topics in convexity, discrete, and computational geometry: Helly's theorem, curves of constant breadth, the Sylvester-Gallai theorem, and Veronoi diagrams.

MATH333: Linear Algebra 4 hrs. 4 crs. Preq: MATH 122. Systems of linear equations, matrices, determinants, Euclidean vector spaces and linear transformations, general vector spaces, basis and dimension, eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Applications to linear programming, least squares approximation, and Markov chains.

MATH335: Mathematical Logic 4 hrs. 4 crs. Preq: MATH 122. 4 hours lecture. Introduction to mathematical logic, propositional logic, first order logic, proof systems, introduction to model theory.

MATH336 Modern Algebra 4 hrs. 4 crs. Preq: MATH 333 or permission of instructor. Coreq: MATH 333 or permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit in MATH 332. Axiomatic theory of groups, rings, and fields; isomorphisms and homomorphisms. Examples from the field of real numbers, modular arithmetic, matrices. Offered alternate Spring semesters.

MATH395: Numerical Analysis 4 hrs. 4 crs. Preq: MATH 122. Some experience with a Computer Algebra System (CAS) is assumed. Analysis and applications of algorithmic methods; study of truncation and propagation errors; interpolation and round off; curve fitting; iterative solutions of nonlinear equations; numerical solutions of differential equations, integration problems, and sets of linear equations. Students are expected to complete several laboratory projects.