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Mission and Goals

for the Art History BA and Studio Art BA programs at York College.

Art History BA Program Mission

The Art History major, through a diversified program of professional quality, familiarizes students with problems concerning the evolution of styles, the function of art in societies, the way in which art is influenced by contemporary events, how to access and use published materials to inform and enhance their own, original research. After completing the prerequisites for advanced art history courses, a variety of course offerings allow exploration of art of the past as well as contemporary art subjects. The Art History major is flexible and aims to prepare students to pursue graduate or professional work

Art History BA Program Goals

  1. Have a broad knowledge of global art history along with an in-depth knowledge of a specific selected area of study
  2. Ability to write formal, scholarly essays and informed opinion pieces
  3. Able to present their work in illustrated oral presentations.

Studio Art BA Program Mission

The Studio Art program is designed to help students acquire and achieve comprehension of the fundamental knowledge and skills of art production as well as an understanding of art history. Studio Art also encourages students to develop analytical and expressive skills in addition to discovering creative solutions to problem solving.  After completing their B.A degree, students can pursue their research and creative artwork at the graduate level. Students will also be well situated for employment in many art institutions, galleries, and educational organizations.

Studio Art BA Program Goals

  1. Students will learn proficiency in studio foundation skills as they relate to the elements and principles of design.
  2. Student will learn the application of materials, techniques and media in various disciplines.
  3. Student will develop the understanding of contemporary art issues through exploration and synthesis of content, problem solving and creativity.
  4. Students will learn to incorporate Art Historical trends and movements into their creative thinking and artistic practice.