Fine Arts

Fine Arts

The Fine Arts program offers majors in Studio Art and Art History, as well as a minor in Studio Art.

Virtual Student Exhibition

Creative Endeavors from a Never-Ending Era of Isolation/Separation/Fear/Mourning

A collection of creative projects from York students and faculty during the pandemic.

The works presented are samples of what keeps us moving and motivated, even if we cannot be together. It is presented in the order received, mixing student work with faculty endeavors in a non-hierarchical arrangement.

Program Overview

Learn what visual art has to offer and explore the art world in the studios and museums of the New York City metropolitan area.

Studio Art and Art History are chosen as majors both by students who see them as an excellent base for a liberal arts education and by those who have aspirations to graduate school, or in one of the many possible careers in the arts. Studio Art and Art History require classes common to both curricula. Thus, students can pursue their specific interests as well as develop a dimensional understanding of the nature of art.

Our strengths lie in the multicultural background of both our students and our faculty. Studio Art and Art History offer courses in subjects ranging from African American Art to Latin-American Art. Moreover, we offer Studio Art courses in printmaking, sculpture, drawing, painting, photography, and graphic design. The Fine Arts program is housed in the York College Academic Core building and has its own studios, a slide library, classrooms, computer labs, and its very own Fine Arts Gallery.

Students work with faculty who are professional artists regularly presenting work in galleries, museums, and public settings throughout New York City and the world.

Majors and Minors

Faculty Profile

Take a look at this short 2017 documentary from CUNY TV's series Shades of U.S., profiling Associate Professor Nina Buxenbaum talking about her recent work.