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Advanced Placement exam Information

AP Exam NameScoreCourse AwardCredits
United States History4 or 5HIST-201 & HIst-2026
United States History3History Blanket credit6
Art History3, 4, or 5Fine Arts blank credit3
Art: Studio Art-Drawing5FA-1553
Art: Studio Art-Drawing3 or 4Fine Arts blank credit3
Art: Studio Art-2-D Design4 or 5FA-1503
Art: Studio Art-2-D Design3Fine Arts blank credit3
Art: Studio Art-3-D Design4 or 5FA-1523
Art: Studio Art-3-D Design3Fine Arts blank credit3
Biology5BIO-201 & BIO-2028
Biology3 or 4Biology blank credit3
Seminar3, 4, or 5General Elective credit3
Research3, 4, or 5Humanities Blank credit3
Chemistry4 or 5CHEM-108 & CHEM-109 & CHEM-111 & CHEM-11210
Chemistry3Chemistry blanket credit3
Chinese Language and Culture4 or 5CHIN-1053
Chinese Language and Culture3Chinese blanket credit3
Computer Science A4 or 5CS-1724
Computer Science A3Computer Science blanket credit3
Computer Science Principles3, 4, or 5Computer Science blanket credit3
Computer Science AB4 or 5CS-1724
Computer Science AB3Computer Science blanket credit4
Economics: Microeconomics4 or 5ECON-1023
Economics: Microeconomics3Economics blanket credit3
Economics: Macroeconomics4 or 5ECON-1033
Economics: Macroeconomics3Economics blanket credit3
English Language & Composition4 or 5ENG-1253
English Language & Composition3English blanket credit3
English Literature&Composition4 or 5ENG-1263
English Literature&Composition3English blanket credit3
Environmental Science
4 or 5BIO-1103
Environmental Science
3Biology blanket credit3
European History
4 or 5HIST-1133
European History
3History blanket credit3
French Language and Culture4 or 5FREN-1053
French Language and Culture3French blanket credit3
French Literature4 or 5FREN-1063
French Literature3French blanket credit3
Human Geography3, 4, or 5Geography blanket credit3
German Language and Culture4 or 5GERM-1053
German Language and Culture3German blanket credit3
Government and Politics: US4 or 5POL-1033
Government and Politics: US3Political Science blanket credit3
Government and Politics: Comp4 or 5POL-1013
Government and Politics: Comp3Political Science blanket credit3
Latin3, 4, or 5Humanities blanket credit3
Latin: Literature3, 4, or 5Humanities blanket credit3
Italian Language and Culture
4 or 5ITAL-1053
Italian Language and Culture
3Italian blanket credit3
Japanese Language and Culture
3, 4, or 5Humanities blanket credit3
Calculus AB4 or 5MATH-120 & MATH 1214
Calculus AB3MATH-1204
Calculus BC4 or 5MATH-121 & MATH 1228
Calculus BC3MATH-1204
Calculus BC - AB Sub score4 or 5MATH-120 & MATH 1214
Calculus BC - AB Sub score3MATH-1204
Music Theory4 or 5MUS-1103
Music Theory3Music blanket credit3
Music Theory- Aural Sub Score3, 4, or 5Music blanket credit3
Music Theory- Non-aural Sub Sco3, 4, or 5Music blanket credit3
Physics B4 or 5PHYS-113 & PHYS-1175
Physics B3Physics blanket credit3
Physics C - Mechanics4 or 5PHYS-113 & PHYS-1175
Physics C - Mechanics3Physics blanket credit3
Physics C-Electricity & Magnet4 or 5PHYS-114 & PHYS-1185
Physics C-Electricity & Magnet3Physics blanket credit3
Physics 14 or 5PHYS-113 & PHYS-1175
Physics 13Physics blanket credit3
Physics 23, 4, or 5Physics blanket credit3
Psychology4 or 5PSY-1023
Psychology3Psychology blanket credit3
Spanish Language and Culture4 or 5SPAN-1053
Spanish Language and Culture3Spanish blanket credit3
Spanish Literature and Culture4 or 5SPAN-1063
Spanish Literature and Culture3Spanish blanket credit3
Statistics4 or 5MATH-1114
Statistics3Math blanket credit4
World History4 or 5HIST-100 & HIIST-1136
World History3History blanket credit3
Computer Science Principles4 or 5CS-1724
Computer Science Principles3Computer Science blanket credit3
Russian Language and Culture3, 4, or 5Russian blanket credit3