Percy E. Sutton SEEK Program

Percy E. Sutton SEEK Program


CUNY ICORP offers a comprehensive package that combines research experience, financial support, networking opportunities, and guidance for pursuing graduate studies.

Those who are accepted into the program will have access to the following benefits:

  • ICORP provides undergraduate SEEK scholars with valuable research experience and guides them through the process of applying to graduate school.
  • The program spans two calendar years, allowing participants to delve into research and prepare for advanced academic pursuits.
  • Scholars receive a stipend of up to $3,500 (based on financial aid), helping to cover program expenses.

  • Participants have the chance to engage in a summer research opportunity program (SROP), providing a focused and immersive research experience.
  • ICORP scholars are given the opportunity to travel to academic conferences and visit graduate schools.
  • The program facilitates networking with scholars and faculty not only within CUNY but also across the country

If you wish to explore this opportunity, please click the link below:

or contact Prof. Selena T. Rodgers at