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MSW Leadership Club

The MSW Leadership Club of York College of the City University of New York was established by graduate social work scholars in 2020.

MSW scholars have initiated the MSW Leadership Club in January 2020. Drs. Allen-McCombs and Diner serve as advisors, provide a personal experience, and collaborate with student leaders to ensure the success of the organization.  Advisors also serve as the link between the college, the Office of Student Activities. The club’s mission is to organize service-learning projects on-campus and with local social service organizations to build awareness about important social programs, such as poverty and, homelessness, violence in the community, child abuse and neglect, and immigrants and refugees. This scholar-led club also provides opportunities for scholars to socialize with each other and increase the visibility of the MSW program on campus by educating others about the social work profession and bringing speakers and other special events to CUNY York’s campus. 

Each academic year, elections are held for President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and any other officers necessary to run the organization. Bylaws are developed by scholars with assistance from the York College Student Government and are reviewed each year to ensure a clear and concise governance structure. In order to be chartered by the Student Government Association, the names and contact information of at least 15 active club members are registered with the Office of Student Activities. Scholars that are in good academic standing  (3.3 GPA or better) are strongly encouraged to participate in club activities and should contact Dr. Diner,, or Dr. Allen McCombs,  for more information. Due to COVID-19, the Office of Student Activities have cancelled all campus club and student activities and events effective Spring 2020 until further notice.