MSW Program

MSW Program at CUNY York College

Social Workers Transforming Lives Through Healthcare!

Social work education plays a vital role in helping to prepare emerging scholars to lead efforts that improve healthcare. York MSW Scholars are hard at work transforming lives on campus and in the real world.

Why the York Master of Social Work (MSW) Program?

Scholars enrolled in the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) accredited MSW Program at CUNY York College program will have the opportunity to: 

  • Earn an affordable MSW degree. An MSW degree from York will leave you with a low student loan debt. 
  • Easily accessible campus -- York is near all major points of transportation point in Jamaica, NY.
  • Attend classes at the most ethnically diverse college and county in the United States.
  • Join the fastest-growing profession and leading workforce in the healthcare. 
  • Connect with empathic, culturally diverse, distinguished, and dedicated faculty and staff.
  • Engage in New York State (NYS) licensing exam preparation for the LMSW exam.
With a healthcare specialization, the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) accredited MSW Program@CUNY York College equips urban scholars to soar and transform lives to become members of the York Social Work community that is dynamic, innovative, and multicultural. 


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Positive Conversations Tuesdays@2PM

Positive Conversations: How to think, reflect, and have positive conversations in our divided and divisive times 

Positive Conversations is a lively interdisciplinary show about discovery - the ways we understand ourselves, our connections with others, our community, and society - the discovery of our collected humanities. This show draws upon lessons from philosophy, psychology, sociology, social work, current events, and current policies.  The show seeks to bring these understandings and teachings for positive living and having constructive dialogue with each other. 

Bio: Weldon Lam is the creator and host of the show Positive Conversations. He is finishing a social work master’s degree in the MSW Program at CUNY York College.  He works in the pediatric emergency Social Work department of Jacobi Medical Center, a city hospital located in the Bronx.  He is also engaged in research on the development of the social work profession in examining 60s and 70s progressive social work groups and movements.  Born in Hong Kong, Weldon lives in upper Manhattan and holds a BA from Columbia in Philosophy. 


Mission Statement

The mission of the MSW Program at CUNY York College is to educate scholars for advanced, urban social work practice at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels with a specialization in healthcare settings. The program seeks to recruit and prepare scholars from diverse surrounding communities to become skilled, culturally aware, competent, and compassionate professionals who can respond to the growing demand for healthcare-focused social work practice in underserved urban communities.

The Program fosters the intellectual growth and professional development of our scholars at the highest level as well as promotes the value of civic participation and dedication to public service locally and globally. Our scholars are engaged and challenged by both the rigorous curriculum which encompasses specific knowledge, values, and skills derived from the research-informed practice and practice-informed research, and by our diverse, multicultural, and vibrant social environment which prepares them for advanced social work practice in the healthcare arena.

The collegiate experiences of faculty and scholars enable both to achieve their highest professional ambitions by engaging in a variety of scholarly and professional activities that produce research and community partnerships. Guided by the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), our MSW Program is committed to challenging oppression, embracing diversity, respecting the dignity and worth of all human beings, and promoting social and economic justice. More specifically, the MSW Program draws on social work values and a body of knowledge and skills to assure that:

  • Scholars incorporate the richness of the diverse communities inside and outside of the College to appreciate the unique differences across the human spectrum and are compassionate, respectful, and accepting of their diverse client populations.
  • Scholars serve as a multifaceted resource for the New York metropolitan area with the vision of alleviating social and economic problems of individuals, families, and communities, especially in healthcare resources and needs.
  • Scholars are committed to civic participation and leadership to promote human development, quality of life, social justice, and respect for all human beings.

Scholars meet our high expectations in academic programs, are prepared for the competitive marketplace upon graduation, are dedicated to practicing with integrity, cultural awareness, social diversity, and competency, and are committed to and are passionate about lifelong learning.

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