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Print Shop Policies

  1. The York College Print Shop does not create, edit or proofread any documents. All material submitted for printing must be print ready.
  2. The Print Shop's aim is to provide reprographic services for the entire college community in the quickest possible manner, utilizing the most cost-effective methods and material. We reserve the right to deny any request that does not comply with York College's overall objective in regards to printing.
  3. The Print Shop is prohibited from printing personal material. All work submitted for printing must be course-related or official York College business. We reserve the right to hold or deny any print request that violates York's policy on printing personal material. Clarification and approval by the Department Chairperson are required.
  4. The York College Print Shop does not accept print requests sent from personal or student e-mail accounts. For any and all communications pertaining to official York College Business, please use your York College e-mail. If you do not have a York e-mail, you may utilize your department CUNY office assistant to forward the print request on your behalf.
  5. Students are not permitted to pick up exams. Only faculty and staff can pick up. A signature is required for all jobs. Help us to maintain academic integrity. Your cooperation is appreciated.
  6. The York College Print Shop now requires any large poster request of 6 or more to have a Chairperson's approval. In addition, any request exceeding the maximum (10) will need approval from your area's Vice President. This policy will be strictly enforced. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.
  7. The Print Shop is in full compliance with CUNY's policy regarding Copyright. We reserve the right to deny any request that violates CUNY's Copyright Guidelines. A pamphlet is available explaining CUNY's Copy Right Guidelines in detail at the Print Shop.