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School of Arts and Sciences

Welcome to the School of Arts and Sciences!

The School of Arts and Sciences offers undergraduate degrees in the arts, humanities, mathematics, and sciences through its academic departments, centers, and unique programs. We offer courses in the traditional liberal arts and sciences disciplines and selected pre- and professional programs.

Courses and programs in the School are designed to provide a challenging education with state-of-the-art classroom and laboratory work, together with vital internship and research experiences. Students are instructed and mentored by exceptional teacher-scholars to develop and broaden critical thinking, effective oral and written communication, problem-solving, ethical decision-making, and information technology skills that are the requisite foundation of their success in a changing global environment. The School is constantly introducing new courses, new programs, and new technologies to prepare students for rewarding careers and personal accomplishments.

Students in the School of Arts and Sciences are privileged to study with outstanding faculty members, nationally and internationally recognized, dedicated teachers committed to innovative approaches to instruction, research, and creative work. Students will benefit from a wide-ranging rigorous academic involvement that will prepare them for graduate school or the workplace. Their experiences inside and outside the classroom will enhance their appreciation and understanding of diverse cultures, ready them to meet their career goals, and help them become educated, responsible citizens.

Additionally, the School of Arts and Sciences provides courses to prepare students for admission to professional programs such as dentistry, education, medicine, law, pharmaceutical science, occupational therapy, and social work.

The specific aims of the School include:

  • To sustain the College mission;
  • To support the general education core requirements for students that includes emphasis on writing across the curriculum, quantitative reasoning and literacy, critical thinking, and multicultural issues;
  • To foster degree programs that serve a diverse student body and community;
  • To encourage and to promote research and creative works in the arts and sciences, especially in areas consistent with the College mission;
  • To provide service to the community, the College, and the University through program development and outreach activities.

For more information, please explore our website and, of course, come for a visit.