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Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP) Goals

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  1. Increase the likelihood that historically underrepresented and economically disadvantaged students will successfully graduate high school and enter a collegiate science program
  2. Offer activities to introduce and further prepare high school students to the field of math/science and technology especially as it relates to cybersecurity, programming, and math in an effort to increase the likelihood that underrepresented students will choose to entire these career paths
  3. Increase the likelihood that participants of the STEP activities will matriculate into professional/pre-professional programs in STEM-related areas
  4. Allow high school students with advanced standing in information systems and computer science to take college- level math/technological/science skills while still in high school
  5. Introduce high school students to research-related activities, and increase their cybersecurity, programming, math knowledge and experimental skills

Students display project to president Eanes.

York college is home to some of the most brilliant and nurturing minds in the CUNY system. Not only that, but CUNY York has partnered up with some of the biggest names in STEM.