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Yanzi L.

Research and Development Scientist at Ascent Pharmaceuticals

After receiving my bachelors in Pharmaceutical Science from York college, I knew I wanted to continue my education into a Master’s Program. I believe I made the right decision as I had an opportunity to study under an outstanding support system of professors. The Master's program allowed me to deepen my knowledge and explore further. The program is rigorous and provided me with a greater understanding of how pharmaceutical companies function, which helped pave my way into my current employment as a R&D chemist in a pharmaceutical company.

As an alumna of the college, if I had to give advice to future students, I would like to say take advantage of the wonderful opportunities the program has to offer. The wide variety of classes with knowledgeable faculty members makes the study interesting, rewarding and challenging at the same time. The program will provide a great insight into multiple areas like pharmaceutical business management, research, regulatory affairs, and many more. Furthermore, the curriculum is built on the idea of getting the students ready to work alongside these various professions as it provides not only theoretical knowledge but also provides a real-life experience through practical training like lab works and research presentations. Throughout the program I was able to build relationships with my teachers and colleagues. Being in the same room with these amazing groups of people encouraged me to succeed.