Collaborative Learning Center

Collaborative Learning Center

Free tutoring is available during the Fall 2023 term!

The Collaborative Learning Center resumes tutoring on Monday, August 28 !

CLC Free Tutoring at York College

We provide fifty-minute, one-on-one tutoring appointments. In addition, we also host workshops on specific topics throughout the semester so that students can brush up on fundamentals or study for upcoming exams.  Students can make appointments through our website. In order to make appointments, students log in with their York College Network account. Tutoring at the Math Learning Center and the Percy E. Sutton (SEEK) program is also available through this scheduling platform. Here is a video showing students how to make an appointment.

Students can make appointments through our scheduling website. In order to make appointments, students need to log in with their York College Network account. If they don't know their York Network credentials, students can email

Math Learning Center and t he Percy E. Sutton (SEEK) program is also available through this scheduling platform. 

Our services are FREE for York College students. So, for assistance from expert tutors, make an appointment at our scheduling website. Scroll to the blue box on the page, then use your student York Network ID to log in. If you don't know your York Network credentials, please call 718-262-5300 during business hours or email.