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Bio Tutors


Greetings! My name is Shorq Ahmed and I am a biology major student. As a Biology tutor, I believe some of my strengths are patience, communication, listening, collaboration, and authenticity. My experience teaching language courses online in the past also allowed me to understand that students have different learning styles, which necessitate different teaching strategies. When I took Anatomy and Physiology, I witnessed students' struggles, which motivated me to want to help them understand challenging concepts. As a student, I have always faced difficulties in understanding certain concepts in my classes, where my questions mostly have been ignored leaving me struggling and learning on my own. However, those hurdles did not stop me from succeeding. Consequently, my goal as a tutor is to assist students in overcoming their learning obstacles.


Hello, My name is James Creed. I have been an Organic Chemistry tutor since 2017. As a tutor, I ensure that my students understand the topic and are able to apply the concepts to their real-life experiences. While tutoring, I am also able to connect with the students and understand their weaknesses. Organic chemistry is a complex subject; therefore, I enjoy helping students find new strategies for their class content so they can achieve their goals.   


Hi! My name is Meleisha Welch, and I graduated from York College in the Fall of '22 with a degree in Biology. I started as a Math Tutor at the Math Learning Center, York College in 2019. Currently, I tutor various college-level Math courses along with Biology courses at the Collaborative Learning Center at York College. I obtained my Level 1 tutor certificate in the Winter of 2021. In my own experience as a tutor, each student is unique and learns differently. Therefore, over the years, I have also learned how to modify my tutoring sessions to suit the learning style of each student. I love interacting with other students and learning together. Tutoring to me means teaching another student “how to study/learn.” At the end of each tutoring session, my hope is to have the student take the methods/steps we have used during the tutoring sessions and utilize them to study and work through questions.


My name is Freddy B. Garcia, and I am a sophomore aspiring to major in nursing. Currently, I work for the Collaborative Learning Center tutoring biology, specifically anatomy and physiology as well as clinical microbiology. My goal as a tutor is to help people better understand the subject, instill a critical thinking thought process, learn from the CLC staff, learn from my peers and my tutees, and share what I have learned

Chemistry Tutors


My name is Angelica Arjune. I am a third-year student at York College majoring in Pharmaceutical Science. I have tutored general chemistry, CHEM 108 and 111, at the Collaborative Learning Center since February 2022. To me, tutoring means helping students who need extra support gain the skills necessary to become independent learners capable of solving a problem unassisted using critical thinking and analytical skills. Critical thinking and analytical skills are essential for solving chemistry-related problems since concepts are usually interrelated. My strengths as a tutor include my ability to encourage independence in solving problems and asking open-ended questions to check the understanding of concepts.


Muhammad Zubair is a Chemistry tutor. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Baruch College and is currently enrolled in a post-baccalaureate program to complete the prerequisites for medical school. Muhammad has extensive experience in tutoring college subjects at various CUNY colleges including  Economics and other social sciences at BMCC. Muhammad has been tutoring chemistry at York since the Spring of 2022. To him, helping a student achieve a better outcome in his/her class with impactful tutoring brings significant professional satisfaction. Additionally, tutoring is a means of keeping the subject material fresh in his mind as well.


Hello! My name is Savannah Edun, and I am a first-time tutor starting my journey at the Collaborative Learning Center in 2023. I am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in Clinical Laboratory Science. I've had excellent tutors and mentors throughout my studies who have listened well, provided help while challenging me to learn, and explained topics in a way that led to understanding. I aspire to hold these qualities when I tutor, as tutoring means much more than just teaching a subject. Rather, something is amazing about helping someone progress and succeed in their classes. 


Hi, my name is Anita! I have been tutoring at the CLC for over a year and I tutor the following subjects: CHEM 108, CHEM 109, PSY 102, PSY 234, and PSY 238. I am a very sociable person, so it is likely that you may already know me or have heard of me. In 2021, I was photographed for a circulating CUNY poster so my face could be seen along the walls and posts all around campus. I'm currently pursuing a degree with a major in Nursing and a minor in Psychology. My tutoring style often incorporates an incredible amount of humor, relatable stories, and a myriad of interesting mnemonics and anecdotes. Also, a fun fact: I am multilingual (fluent in 5 languages)! 


I am Gregory Jean-Louis, a transfer student and Chemistry tutor at the CLC. I was previously a Biochemistry Major but now I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I have only recently started at the CLC this past spring, but I have been a tutor for more than 5 years. My usual approach is to focus on the student’s concerns about the material and expand from there to discern any gaps in knowledge. The goal is to promote understanding of what their strengths and weaknesses are so they can develop a plan for future studying. This is done by examining their study habits. Together, we discuss methods that can be incorporated to improve retention and comprehension of the material. Being a tutor allows me to assist those who are treading the same path and help them not only to understand the material but their own learning process. It continues to be an experience that has helped to sharpen my own understanding of the material through interactions with peers. Tutoring allows us all to share what we have learned and unlock our potential to understand more.

Fear not; if you trust in the possibility that lies within and try with all your might, the path will show itself to you. ~Cardeas Vist


Hello fellows, I am Micaela. I am a tutor for General Chemistry [108,111] and Organic Chemistry [231,233]. I would also like to mention that, even if my schedule does not show Chem106, I am always happy to help with that course. I have been tutoring for over a year, and I greatly enjoy helping others understand general concepts. I often use real-life situations to explain how atoms and molecules interact with each other. My experience taught me that students who come to regular tutoring sessions can enhance their understanding and problem-solving skills. FYI,  I have a very thick accent and tend to go over topics a bit too fast. I encourage you to let me know if you get stuck, or need me to repeat myself; I will be happy to do so. I love chemistry and I hope my passion is expressed in my tutoring sessions. [Think like a proton, and stay positive +]

Writing Tutors


Hello there! I am a Writing tutor and Math instructor.

I have a technological background in Information Security and obtained a Master’s Degree in Information Systems Management from Pace University.

To me, tutoring is the genesis of the learning process. Being able to formulate and transcribe issues, concepts, and ideas in coherent and technical drafts results in independence and empowerment of self.  :-)


 Hello everyone, I am Jermaine Allison and I work as a writing tutor. I graduated with honors from York College in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English with minors both in Health Education and Psychology. I have been working with the Collaborative Learning Center as a writing tutor for almost 5 years, and I believe it is one of the most impactful ways in which I can give back to the York College community that made such a positive impact in my life.

I consider each student who visits the Collaborative Learning Center, and those who I have the pleasure of tutoring, as unique individuals and independent thinkers who possess the potential to accomplish their writing and their various other academic goals. I always do my best to provide support to each student I tutor, whether it has to do with guiding them to develop a clearer understanding of a question for a writing assignment, helping them to develop the skills they need to identify and correct their grammatical errors, or helping them to understand and to navigate the world of research.

Each day is a chance we have to improve upon the things we do and being a writing tutor enables me to help someone to do so.

Nursing Tutors


My name is Mehedi Murtoza, and I am a nursing student at York College pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. I am very passionate about healthcare and helping others, which is why I chose nursing as a career path. As a senior nursing student, I have knowledge and experience in the subject matter, and I have been working as a tutor independently for several years. As a tutor, I am passionate about helping students learn and grow, and my goal is to provide them with the necessary resources and tools to succeed academically and beyond. I approach tutoring from a student-centered perspective, giving special consideration to each student's individual requirements and learning preferences. I work hard to establish a welcoming environment where students may feel free to voice their concerns, ask questions, and receive individualized feedback and direction. Over the years, I've developed a range of teaching strategies and concepts to help students meet their academic goals. This entails simplifying difficult ideas, giving concrete examples, and providing inspiration and support. In addition to my qualifications and tutoring experience, I have a strong work ethic, a passion for lifelong learning, and exceptional communication skills. I am committed to staying up to date with the latest teaching methods and technologies to ensure that my students receive the best possible education.


Hello, my name is Anna and I am a senior nursing student. I have never tutored formally before but have helped many of my classmates and underclassmen already and love helping people figure out what methods work best for them. I believe that the best way to study is to figure out how to approach the material according to your learning style, and by strategizing how to get the best value for your studying time. 


My name is Serah Olaoye, I am in my fourth semester at York College Nursing School. I am hoping to graduate by Fall 2023 by God’s grace. I am the treasurer of the York College Nursing Club Cohort 11. Becoming a nurse has been my passion and dream ever since I was a child. I am excited to be pursuing my career in nursing as this path will provide me the opportunity to positively influence lives and give back to my community. I taught fellow students in my previous school, and I am also able to teach my fellow nursing students some topic that seems incomprehensible to them. I have also played a key role in leading group projects in which I have taught, directed, and supervised, members of my project team. My strengths as a tutor include listening skills, patience, understanding of individual differences/learning styles, carrying everyone along, and ensuring that knowledge is gained. Tutoring is an avenue to help others become equipped with knowledge and build their confidence. Tutoring to me is an opportunity to give back to other students a portion of the knowledge that has impacted me. Tutoring helps to boost student confidence toward having a successful academic journey and knowledge for real-world experience.

Thank you.


I am a software engineer working for a global institution. I graduated from York College with a Mathematic Bachelor of Science and have been tutoring Mathematics since 2018. I know my subject well, have the ability to relate to students and I'm great at breaking things down for students' understanding. For me, tutoring is a way of lending a hand to students who are still on their academic journey and a way for me to stay in touch with academia.


Hello everyone! My name is Redda Das, and I tutor MATH 104, and MATH 111. My experience with tutoring mathematics began at an early age and continued through my junior high and high school journey. Tutoring others allowed me to realize that I enjoy teaching, and thus sparked my journey to becoming a teacher. My greatest strengths as a tutor are adaptability and patience. I can adjust to different learning styles and recognize that sometimes it may take multiple explanations and repetitions before a student grasps a concept. To me, tutoring is the transfer of knowledge, a journey that equips students with transferable skills and resources, and in turn keeps me in touch with topics in mathematics.


My name is Koffi, meaning “born on Friday." I am a Math instructor and tutor. I have an educational background in Mathematics and Information Systems. I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from York College and a Master’s in Applied Mathematics from Queens College. I tutor Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Statistics/Probability, Precalculus, Calculus, and Advanced Math for many years. My tutoring session is fun because I use stories, jokes, and real-life situations to explain math concepts. These strategies work because my tutees understand their math problems when they attend my sessions.

I also help students pass the CUNY Math entrance test, GMAT, GRE, State Regents Tests, etc. during one-on-one private tutoring.

Find me on YouTube here: Koffi's YouTube Channel


Sadia Tanni is a Math and Business tutor. She has an educational background and a bachelor's degree in Accounting from York College. To her, tutoring means providing additional support to students in order for them to develop better learning/study skills. Tutoring is also an opportunity to share ideas, knowledge, and solutions (especially in one-on-one sessions). As a tutor, she believes her strength lies in explaining materials/concepts in multiple ways. She can notice when students do not understand the concepts during the session and willingly tries different approaches to present the materials. She enjoys motivating students to reach their goals, in addition to learning how to interact with them and keep them engaged during the session.

OT Tutors


My name is Ameena. I am a fourth-year college student in the Occupational Therapy BS/MS program. I have always loved helping other people, especially in school. I have been tutoring people since I was a sophomore in high school. As a tutor, I am a great listener and creative when helping others. I'd define tutoring as assisting and guiding others to be successful on their paths.

Kevin (Accounting)

My name is Kevin Chatterpaul, and my major at York College is public accounting. Presently, I am a lower senior hoping to capture every bit of accounting knowledge to one day sit for the CPA exam soon. There are accountants in nearly every industry in business. However, none can surpass the work and respect of the CPA. Also, it is a very lucrative and well-paying career once you put in the time. I have taken all the required accounting courses to fulfill my degree, including financial accounting, reporting, and taxation classes.

I chose to become an accounting tutor because, as a public accounting major, I want students to be successful and able to complete financial tasks independently. Being a tutor will give me the skills to be a better educator. I also chose to be a tutor because I had positive experiences at the tutoring center. I always felt more confident about my work after an appointment. I also always had a game plan about approaching my tasks after the meeting. As a tutor, I want my students to have a sense of independence when preparing financial statements. This still applies to me as a tutor and an aspiring accountant (CPA). My accounting objective at the tutoring center is to help students: (1) understand the conceptual accounting framework that establishes the underlying financial reporting concepts. (2) Implement the measurement and recognition principles and constraints regarding the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Furthermore, tutoring is the same as teaching, and passing on knowledge to another person is deeply fulfilling. I believe that all people can become better educated with the help of a guide. It is gratifying and inspiring to teach and help someone I've never met to learn something new or conquer a longtime learning challenge.

Brian (History)

Hello, My name is Brian Bhowmik. I am a History tutor at York College’s Collaborative Learning Center. I possess a Master’s degree in Literacy Education (Grades 5-12) and a Bachelor’s degree in History education (Grades 7-12) from CUNY Queens College. To me, tutoring is an essential step to improve academic achievement in any class. Being able to assist students with their readings can help with reading comprehension and improve upon retaining content material taught by professors. Currently my goal is to use my tutor experience to help students realize that tutoring does not mean they are less qualified than their peers. I would like to apply my experience in the future whether I become a teacher in the NYC DOE or an administrative employee for CUNY.

Fazela (Accounting)

Hello everyone, my name is Fazela Prashad, a senior and an Accounting Tutor. My focus is on Accounting 101, 102, 201, 202, 203, and 301. I am new at the Collaborative Learning Center, but I did a lot of tutoring with middle school students and nothing gives me more pleasure than helping students. As a York College student, I sometimes need tutoring and make use of the tutoring services York has to offer. Now I am given the opportunity to give back and I intend to help students and others to the best of my ability.

Melissa (Social Wrk)

Melissa Niewender is a Social Work tutor. She obtained her Master of Social Work Degree from CUNY York College in 2022. She is now a Licensed Master of Social Work. To her, tutoring is an important part of a scholar’s learning process. Being able to engage and support scholars in individual or small group instruction is essential to understanding theories and putting Social Work concepts into practice.

Rojina (Accounting)

I am Rojina Shrestha, and I am a graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from York College, CUNY. I completed my degree in June 2022, after which I started tutoring immediately. As a tutor, I always love to understand the problems presented to me by the students and assist them with the concepts and principles. During tutoring sessions, I normally come up with near-real-world examples to clarify the concept, so that they would be able to work on course materials by themselves. Currently, I am working as an Accounting Clerk in a non-profit organization. In addition, I am fascinated with tutoring because it gives me a very good platform to help students with my favorite Accounting subject when they are in need. Furthermore, I believe that tutoring is most importantly an exchange of knowledge.