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Journalism Program

The Journalism Major (39-42 credits) and a Minor in Journalism (15 credits) provide students with the knowledge, skills, and techniques needed to vie for positions in print, broadcast, and online media.

York's BA in Journalism comes at a time when media is radically changing the whole way news and information are collected and disseminated. The program addresses the growing emphasis on Interactive media delivery methods, ethics and legal issues, and more localized news coverage. But it does not ignore the demand for strong traditional writing and reporting skills. There is currently no other public college in Queens with the bachelor's degree in this discipline.

The Journalism Major offers concentrations in News Writing and Reporting, Broadcast Journalism, and Book and Magazine Publishing. The degree program combines strong liberal arts and general journalism education with specific training in these areas of media -- all centered right here in New York City. Students majoring in journalism are given at least one hands-on Fieldwork experience. York's Bachelor of Arts in Journalism also prepares students for more advanced study at the prestigious CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, among other institutions.

Multimedia Opportunities at York College

A series of multimedia opportunities within the Journalism program.

Pandora's Box

All Journalism Majors can become reporters, writers or editors for York College's student newspaper, Pandora's Box. This award-winning publication appears in both print and online. It covers a wide range of topics from school politics, arts, entertainment, and sports to community and university issues. The paper is an excellent platform for student reporters and photographers to see their work in print and to compile clips for a resume. Pandora's Box has won dozens of major college newspaper awards from the Society of Professional Journalists, The New York Press Association, and Columbia Scholastic Press Association, among others.

York College operates a web-based radio station which offers students interested in the field of radio journalism a forum to learn and practice the craft. Students can cover breaking news and sporting events, or engage in long-format talk shows or documentaries. Radio reporting opportunities are built into Broadcast Journalism courses.


Students interested in television or web-based broadcast journalism can access fully modernized audio and video recording equipment and editing software at the York College television studio facilities. York is constantly updating its equipment, software and training capabilities to keep students current on the techniques and technology used by the professional media.


All Journalism Majors have the opportunity to take one or two hands-on fieldwork courses in News Writing and Reporting, Publishing, or Broadcast Journalism. Students work at professional news outlets under the supervision and produce bylined or on-air journalism pieces.