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York College Student Health Services Center

Submitting MMR & Meningitis Documentation

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MMR vaccine data & Meningitis status requirements

MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) and Meningitis forms must be submitted immediately
Go to Forms to obtain the necessary forms
Click Documents Upload in the left column to submit completed forms and proof of vaccinations

How to submit

  • Click the Forms link in the left column.
  • Print and complete the Student Immunization Record form or fill out the form online without printing.
  • Print and complete the Medical Record page of the Medical Record/Physical Examination form or fill the form online without printing
  • Print the Physical Examination page of the Medical Record/Physical Examination form and give it to your healthcare provider for completion.
  • Use the Documents Upload link in the left column to submit your completed forms and documentation.
  • For further information email: or call (718) 262-2050