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York College Honors Program Alumni

2019 Graduates

  • James Keanu Creed
  • Laraib Tariq
  • Zahra Alkaifi
  • Mamataz Rubab
  • Nigel Sampson
  • Tawhid Pranto
  • Yael Muladjanov

2018 Graduate

  • Clinton Ehidom

2010 Graduates

2009 Graduates

  • Kisha Jezel Ali - Magna Cum Laude, Honors in Chemistry, Sigma Xi Scholar, YC Liberal Arts Honors. Thesis Title: Organic Synthesis of the Glycine caged bis-1,2-(4-acetyphenylethynyl)-4,5-dimethoxybenzene: A Potential Dendritic Nano-Drug Carrier. Mentor: Dr Jong I Lee
  • Alberto Bravo - Summa Cum Laude, Barry R. Gross Award for Excellence in Philosophy, YC Liberal Arts Honors. Thesis Title: Philosophy in Action: A Study of the Work of the Committee to Frame a World Constitution, 1945-49. Mentor: Dr Howard Ruttenberg
  • Adelina C. Espinoza - Summa Cum Laude, YC Liberal Arts Honors. Thesis Title: The Importance of Cultural Identity in a Multicultural Society. Mentor: Dr Kelly Josephs
  • Julianna Hutson - Cum Laude. Thesis Title: Biased Media Reports Limit Female Interest in Becoming Involved in Politics. Mentor: Dr William Hughes

  • Ophelia Rivas - Magna Cum Laude. Thesis Title: NGOs: Their Contributions and Ineffectiveness. Mentor: Dr Xiaodan Zhang

2008 Graduates

2007 Graduates

2006 Graduates

  • Olubukola Ajayi
  • Vandeen Brown
  • Monique Hayes
  • Miriam Loswijk
  • Regina Misir - Currently: Employed as a Higher Education Officer in the Teacher Education office, York College.
  • Nelisa Roach
  • Yisa Rumala - Thesis Title: Strong magnetic field gradients for high resolution nuclear magnetic resonance imaging. Mentor: Dr Greg Boutis. Currently: A graduate student in the Applied Physics PhD program at The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (10/08). Webpage.
  • Maharani Singh

2005 Graduates

  • Kavita Bharrat
  • Lavinia Bowman
  • Ayodelle Lebruin
  • Nichola Narain
  • Keira Simmons - Thesis Title: Advertisement Repetition and Wearout. Mentor: Dr William Ashton. Currently: working in the social services field, Florida (8/08).
  • Husnia Soofizada - Thesis Topic: United States' Policy, Afghanistan and the Taliban. Mentor: Dr Michael Flynn. Queens College (M.S.) in School Psychology (8/08).

2004 Graduates

  • Kay-Anne Montaque
  • Yanique M. Simpson
  • Stacey Thomas

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