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Academic Assessment Committee

Academic assessment committee charge, members and related materials


The Mission of the Academic Assessment Committee is to oversee ongoing and meaningful academic assessment for all academic departments across the three schools at York College: The School of Art and Sciences, The School of Health Sciences and Professional Programs, and The School of Business and Information Systems.


  1. To provide college-wide leadership for academic assessment at the institutional, department and program levels;
  2. To build and maintain a culture of assessment by:

    Developing and maintaining a systems-approach to assessment planning, implementation, use of assessment results and evaluation of assessment;
    Monitoring assessment planning, implementation and evaluation on a 5-year cycle;
    Promoting development of assessment practices with respective department colleagues


The structure of the AAC is as follows:

  • There are 21 members of the AAC. There are currently 18 academic departments represented.  A representative from each academic department is designated to serve on the AAC. Members serve at their departments’ discretion/election. Some departments have more than one program.
  • The Provost, or designee, and the representative from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Strategic Planning
  • A faculty member serves as Chair and will have a term of three years

Current Members

  • Laura Beaton, Biology (AAC Chair) 
  • Gerard Mcneil, Biology
  • Kara Hudon, Teacher Education
  • Jason Herel, Health Professions
  • Kristin Davies, Behavioral Sciences
  • Stephanie Store, Nursing
  • Maki Hajikano, Performing and Fine Arts
  • Boadnarine Bharosay, Accounting and Finance
  • Yong Kyu Lee, Business and Economics
  • Dex-Ann Brown-Grant, Chemistry
  • Shirell Roeback, Social Work (BS)
  • Jennette Allen-Mccombs, Social Work (MSW)
  • Derrick Brazill, Interim Provost, Office of Academic Affairs
  • Nazia Naeem, Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Strategic Planning
  • James Popp, Earth and Physical Sciences
  • Diana Daus, Occupational Therapy
  • Juana Ramos, World Languages, Literatures, and Humanities
  • Melissa Dinsman, English
  • Casandra Silva Sibilin, History, Philosophy and Anthropology
  • Jessica Jackson, Library
  • Thitima Srivatanakul, Mathematics, and Computer Science
  • Galila Werber-Zion, Health, and Human Performance


  • The members of the AAC work within their departments to support and develop assessment activities for each academic program, in order to ensure compliance, and to support student learning
  • The AAC committee provides a framework of criteria for program assessment
  • The members of the AAC review and provide recommendations on AAC assessment plans and reports
  • The members of the AAC provide assessment consultation to programs and departments as needed
  • The members of the AAC assists academic programs to assess ILOs and PSLOs
  • The AAC maintains records annual program annual assessment submissions via Program Assessment Plans and Assessment Reports
  • The AAC meets monthly throughout the academic year
  • The AAC collaborates with OIESP in offering assessment workshops

Reporting and Communication

  • The AAC reports to the Institutional Effectiveness Committee, co-chaired by the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the Assistant Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning.
  • The AAC Chair reports the academic assessment plans and results to the Committee on Institutional Effectiveness at monthly meetings
  • The AAC Chair submits a written end-of-year annual report to the IEC
  • The AAC Chair presents to the Senate each academic year
  • The AAC Chair presents to the Faculty Caucus, as requested
  • Members of the AAC provide annual program assessment plans and program assessment reports to the committee which are posted on the York Assessment Management System (YAMS).
  • Members of the AAC provide professional development workshops on assessment to the faculty college-wide.

Last revised, reviewed and approved by AAC and IEC in May 2022