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Reminder: COVID Entry Policies

As a reminder, Entry to campus will require a Blue Pass from Cleared4 or a Green Pass from  York College Vax Pass. A Green Token is issued to individuals who have submitted proof of full vaccination status, who received a negative test, who have an exemption (or are not yet subject to the vaccination requirement), or who have complied with selection for a random test and tested negative. 

Public Safety will not accept the Excelsior Pass, a paper vaccine card, or a token with a date other than the current. You must also present your York ID card. 

If you have not been on campus regularly, it is highly suggested you check your Green Pass before you attempt to enter campus. Waiting until you get to a public safety desk is not advised.

You will not gain access to campus with a red token.  These requirements have been established to ensure the safety of all members of our community, and compliance with these requirements is a mandatory condition of employment or enrollment.  Individuals who attempt to gain entry by using another person's token or EMP ID are creating a risk to our community and may become subject to discipline pursuant to the appropriate CUNY Bylaws and/or Collective Bargaining Agreement.