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Quick Key Points regarding the application process

  • Admission to the Occupational Therapy Program requires applying to the program and to York College ( if you are not currently a York College matricualted student). This requires that interested students must complete two separate applications: one to be admitted to York College (if you are not currently a matriculated student at York) and a separate application to the Occupational Therapy Program.
  • York College Matriculated  students upon entering York College as Freshmen are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor of the current declared major and inform that advisor of the intent to apply to the Occupational Therapy program. It is recommended that the students use as a guideline the course sequence provided.
  • York College matriculated students must submit an unofficial York College transcript as part of the application process.York College matriculated students will submit only the application for Occupational Therapy admissions.
  • The York College Occupational Therapy Program will not accept credits from courses completed in other occupational therapy programs. Any student who wishes to tranfer into the York College Occupational Therapy program from another occupational therapy program must compete the full course requirements of the York College Occupational Therapy program.
  • Students who are applying to the program and have already completed a Bachelor's degree and meet admission requirements, will be accepted into the program as graduate students and their tuition fees will be rated at the graduate education level.