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GEAC Reports

General Education Assessment Reports

Fall 2021

CompetencyArtifact Source(s)   Report
Critical Thinking



Critical Thinking Report

Critical Thinking OIP

Spring 2021

CompetencyArtifact Source(s)Report

Information Literacy

Technological Competency

Library Workshops/ENG125, 126, WRIT303

CTLET Blackboard Workshops/PHYS113

Info Lit & Tech Comp Report

Info Lit OIP English

IL&TC OIP Library


IL&TC OIP Physics

Spring 2020

Pathways DomainArtifact Source(s)Report
Flexible Core

Anthropology 101,

History 100 and 108

WC&GI Report

World Cultures & Global Issues OIP

Fall 2019

Pathways DomainArtifact Source(s)Report

Mathematical &

Quantitative Reasoning

Math 120

MQR Assessment Report

Math & Quantitative Reasoning OIP

Spring 2019

Pathways DomainArtifact Source(s)Report
English CompositionEnglish 125 and English 126

English Assessment Report

English Composition OIP

Fall 2018

Pathways DomainArtifact Source(s)Report
Life and Physical SciencesBiology 140

LPS Assessment Report

Life and Physical Sciences OIP

Flexible CoreLibrary Information Literacy Workshop

Information Literacy Report

Information Literacy OIP

Flexible CoreSociology 235

U.S. Experience Assessment Report

U.S. Experience OIP