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AESS Assessment Committee

Information on Administrative, Educational, and Student Support Assessment Committee and related materials.


The mission of the Administrative, Educational, and Student Support Assessment Committee (AESSAC) at York College is to oversee a systematic and continuous process of assessment aimed at improving the functions, roles, and services of York’s AESS units (non-academic units).  


  1. Support the sustainability of assessment efforts by establishing assessment processes and cycles
  2. Cultivate the use of assessment results for improvement among AESS units
  3. Promote best practices in AESS unit assessment with the College community by sharing and documenting assessment activities
  4. Initiate college-wide discussions, provide opportunities for professional development, and offer other related efforts that cultivate best practices in AESS assessment


  • Nine full-time staff members, preferably with representation from each division:
    • Two members from Academic Affairs, two from Administrative Affairs, two from Student Development, and two from the President’s Office and/or Institutional Advancement and the Committee Chair and/or Co-Chair who is/are appointed by the President.
  • A representative from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning (OIESP)

Members will serve three years on a rotating basis to ensure continuity with year three serving as the transition year. Nominations for membership will be requested by the end of the spring semester with the anticipated start date in summer.


  • Ms. Sheridan Bisram, Academic Affairs, Academic Advisement
  • Mr. Reginald Madden, Academic Affairs, YECA
  • Ms. Nawrin Fariha, Academic Affairs, USIP
  • Mr. Ismael Perez, Administrative Affairs, Budget and Planning
  • Ms. Yanike Steele, Administrative Affairs, Information Technology
  • Ms. Nazia Naeem, Co-Chair, President's Division, Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning
  • Mr. Nicholas Jones, Co-Chair, Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
  • Ms. Nyisha Howell, Institutional Advancement


  • Review and provide recommendations on AESS unit assessment plans and reports
  • Provide assessment consultation to units as needed
  • Maintain records on AESS unit annual assessment submissions
  • Meet every three weeks throughout the academic year
  • Collaborate with OIESP in offering professional development workshops

Reporting and Communication

  • Communicate with unit directors/heads and VPs as needed
  • Communicate annual processes, procedures, and deadlines to the College community
  • Distribute a committee report to IEC and post it on the College’s assessment website as requested
  • Present results and recommendations to the Institutional Effectiveness Committee

Committee Resources

Committee Meeting Materials

Committee charge revised November 21, 2019