Public Safety

Public Safety

Crime Prevention

The mission of the Crime Prevention Section is to offer crime prevention services, programs, and advice to the College Community.

What do I do in the Event of a Hostile Intruder?

In the event that a person threatens the personal safety of members of our college community, the Department of Public Safety would like you to be aware of the guidelines for hostile intruder situations.

What do I do in the Event of a Fire?

When it comes to fire, time is everything and we must never be complacent for every seconds will determine the chances of survival and escaping from the fire.

Finding My iPad or iPhone

Find My iPhone is a web application at that you can use to help you locate any of your lost iOS devices or Mac computers that you set up to work with Find My iPhone.

Locating Your Android Device

In less than two minutes you can be completely ready to recover your lost or stolen Android phone. Its free to locate your phone.

Scam Awareness

Avoid becoming a victim of scams and Fraud.

CUNY Rules for Maintenance Of Public Order

The lost and found is located at the Public Safety Office Suite, AC 1M02