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What do I do in the Event of a Fire?

When it comes to fire, time is everything and we must never be complacent for every seconds will determine the chances of survival and escaping from the fire.

If You Discover a Fire

Pull the nearest fire alarm box on the floor; call 911 and Public Safety at x2222 and be prepared to give the following information:

  • Specific conditions (smoke, fire, etc.)
  • Specific location (floor, room)
  • Your name and location
  • Notify those in the immediate area of the danger.
  • Assist in removing any disabled person from the immediate area.
  • Follow the directions of Building and Floor Coordinators, Fire Wardens, Public
  • Safety Officers and Building and Grounds personnel.

If You Hear the Fire Alarm

  • Be aware that whenever the fire alarm sounds it may signal a real emergency situation.
  • Remain calm and proceed to evacuate the area in an orderly manner. Do not rush, push or panic. Rely on planning and knowledge.
  • Assist disabled persons to evacuate the area. Be particularly aware of persons with sight or hearing disabilities.
  • Do not go back to retrieve belongings.
  • If there is smoke, stay low; it will be easier to breathe.
  • Use the stairways indicated by emergency personnel.
Never Use an Elevator to Evacuate Unless Directed to Do So by the Fire Department. 
  • Before opening any door, touch the door with the back of your hand.
  • Do not open a door that is warm or hot.
  • Close doors behind you to prevent fire spread, but make sure that you can reopen them if you need to retreat.
  • If trapped in a building with operable windows, open windows at the top to let heat and smoke out, open at the bottom to breathe.

Listen for Instructions From:

  • Building and Floor Coordinators
  • Fire Wardens
  • Security and Public Safety Officers
  • Building and Grounds Personnel
  • Other Faculty and Staff