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Components of the WAC Program

Six key, interlocking components make up the purview of the Writing Across the Curriculum Program at York

  1. Writing Intensive courses, which are offered throughout York College’s undergraduate curriculum.
  2. York College’s WI course requirement for graduation, which is managed via extensive coordination between the WAC Coordinator for Writing Intensive Courses, the Writing Program Administration, the Registrar’s Office and the relevant Department Chairperson, as well as the student and faculty advisors.
  3. York’s Pathways WI course requirement, wherein WI courses may be used by students to satisfy part of the Pathways College Option. Depending on when a student enters York (see the Bulletin for details), a student may take or transfer up to two WI courses to satisfy College Option writing requirements.
  4. The WAC Program, which offers pedagogical support and faculty development for offering Writing Intensive courses. Two WAC Coordinators run the WAC Program; their responsibilities include advising students and offering support to faculty advisors and department chairpersons about WI courses, and substitutions and waivers for course substitutions, and recruiting, selecting, training, and supervising the CUNY WAC Writing Fellows, and other duties as detailed below.
  5. The Writing Intensive Advisory Committee (WIAC), composed of faculty members from four to five departments, depending on the departmental affiliations of the two WAC coordinators who sit on this committee ex officio. WIAC reviews proposals for ad hoc Writing Intensive courses (i.e., courses that are offered on a one-off or semester-by-semester basis) and grant approval for those courses to be offered as WI in the following semester. WIAC also reviews proposals for “permanently designated” Writing Intensive courses and offers recommendations to the York College Curriculum Committee on the inclusion of these courses as WI in the York College Bulletin.
  6. The CUNY Writing Fellows, advanced graduate students who are assigned to CUNY campuses to engage in Writing Across the Curriculum-related projects.