Women's Center for Gender Justice

Women's Center for Gender Justice


Our Priorities

Women’s Rights & Gender Equity

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Awareness Education

Promoting Healthy Relationships & Reproductive Education

Women’s Leadership & Mentoring

Advice and Advocacy


Women's Center for Gender Justice
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Hours of Operation
Mon, Thr, Fri 9-5
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All Students Are Embraced and Welcomed!

Under the Women’s Center for Gender Justice and Student Resources Hub, the office provides:

  • Advising & Support
  • Book Club
  • Career & Life Planning
  • Club Meeting
  • Domestic Violence Advocacy
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Education
  • Feminine Health Products
  • Lactation Room Reservations  
  • Leadership, Networking & Mentoring

  • Mental Health / Stress Reduction Support
  • Respite Lounge / Study Area
  • Sexual Health Products
  • Emergency Grant Funding
  • Emergency Metro Card
  • Emergency Food Vouchers
  • Grab & Go Station
  • Food Pantry
  • Literature / Resource Library
  • Community Resource Events
  • Know Your Rights trainings
  • On and Off-campus referrals
  • LGBTQIA+ Support or Resources
  • Public Benefits Assistance
  • Housing Resources Assistance  
  • Childcare Assistance  

The Women’s Center for Gender Justice Resources page provides an overview of essential information on Food Insecurity Information, Housing Options (Short/Long Term, Emergency Housing), Emergency Grants/Financial Resources, Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence Organization and Hotlines, Women's Health Resources, and LGBTQIA+ Resources for York College students.

In addition, a downloadable pdf is available with community-based resources, support, and services surrounding York College and throughout New York City/ Long Island detailing information on Food, Healthcare, Mental Health, Childcare, and Clothing & Hygiene resources.