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YCRadio's departments, staff and their responsibilities.

Radio Advisory Board

The college community has input through the Radio Station Advisory Board, which meets periodically to discuss and evaluate issues of concern with regard to YCRadio. The Radio Station Advisory Board consists of:

  • President's Office (faculty/staff representative)
  • Academic Affairs (faculty/staff representative)
  • Student Development (faculty/staff or student representative)
  • Administrative Affairs (faculty/staff or student representative)
  • The York College Association (one representative)
  • The Chief Information Officer (one representative)
  • The Office of Student Activities (one representative)
  • Faculty Member (any school)
  • The Office of Institutional Advancement (one representative)
  • General Manager (ex-officio)
  • Two Student Representatives (appointed by the Head of the Office of Student Development)

The Board members govern the direction of the radio station. All board members will serve varying terms of one, two, or three years. The General Manager acts as a resource to the Board.

YCRadio Staff

General Manager

The General Manager is an employee of York College and acts as a liaison with the Radio Station Advisory Board.  He/She is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the day-to-day operations of the radio station, supervising radio station staff and student personnel, and ensuring that the rules and procedures stated in the radio station’s Book are adhered to.  The GM also provides assistance on an individual basis to the student directors as outlined in the following departments and performing their duties in their absence.

The General Manager will be assisted by a college assistant (a CUNYCAP graduate student). He/She will assist the General Manager in the coordination of the day-to-day operations of the radio station, as well as the recruitment and training of new staff. He/She will also assist in the development and production of news and public affairs programs and interviews, overseeing student volunteers in all aspects of the radio station, the development of Macintosh-based computerized office systems, and assisting the department Directors.

On-Air Announcers

YCRadio on-air announcers are the link between all of YCRadio’s operations and the outside world. You are representing not only the station and your colleagues, but the college itself, so this position must be treated with great respect, responsibility, and professionalism. YCRadio DJs must present a show that is creative and diverse, while staying aware of the world around you and educating the audience through your presentation of music, sports, newscasts, etc. If a DJ proves incapable and/or unwilling of living up to his/her responsibilities, the Programming Director and General Manager will, after giving proper warning, take the privilege of being a DJ away.

Programming Department

The Programming Department consists of the Programming Director and staff. Together, this department keeps log of, and produces, recorded materials to play on air, such as taped public service announcements, taped station promotional announcements, local music, pre-recorded shows, sweepers, and sponsorship spots. The Director and his/her staff meet once a week (or more) to produce these materials as a team, and they are responsible for the overall sound of the station, and all aspects of programming, including content and quality.

Marketing Department

The Marketing Department consists of the Marketing Director and staff, and they work together in a number of different ways to Market not only the station, but activities and events in the college community, such as fundraisers, festivals, concerts, sporting events, prize give-a-ways, etc. This department formulates and implements comprehensive and on-going AD campaigns for the station.

Music Department

The Music Department consists of the Music Director, the Playlist Coordinator, the CD Librarian, and staff. YCRadio receives cds each year from record companies, and this department is responsible for keeping in touch with these companies by creating weekly playlists that include all the music DJs play and mailing them out.  The music department is responsible for the operation of all areas related to recorded music, including the maintenance, cataloguing, and filing of all incoming recorded music, as well as communicating to the on-air staff new artists, trends, and history in music in order to keep YCRadio’s programming creative.

News Department

The News Department consists of the News Director, reporters, and newscasters who work as a liaison with Pandora’s Box and York College’s Broadcast Journalism Department. The News Department is responsible for airing daily newscasts, as well as producing weekly interview programs and covering local news stories. The department works to make sure YCRadio is doing the best job possible to serve York College with news, information, and public affairs.

Sports Department

The Sports Department consists of the Sports Director, Sport Commentators, and staff. The Sports Department serves the local community with coverage of York College’s sports. There is a wealth of sports to cover at the college and in the community. The sports department will conduct live broadcasts of sporting events, with commentary, interviews, and statistics, as well as regular sports programs throughout the week.  The Sports Department is also responsible with working directly with the York College Sports Information Director.

Finance/Underwriting Department

The Finance/Underwriting Department consists of the Underwriting Director, Account Executive(s), and staff, and they are responsible for all fundraising activities in conjunction with the General Manager. The Underwriting Department works to raise money from outside sources (businesses and individuals).  Once the donation is obtained, the General Manager receives all paperwork and gives a final approval on the content of the underwriting announcements, and then announcement is scheduled for airing.

Visual Arts/Web Design Department

The Visual Arts/Web Design Department consist of Graphic artist and Web designers who work hand in hand with the marketing department to effectively execute and bring to life the ideas and concepts of the AD campaigns using posters flyers ect. The Web designers maintain the YCRadio website by constantly adding new content and making appropriate changes in the design of the site to make it user friendly and keep up with the daily trends.