Department of Biology

Department of Biology

Clinical Trial Management (MS)

Starting Spring 2024 Clinical Trial Management (MS) will be offered in two modalities



Some class sessions are in-person. Some class sessions are online.

Online, asynchronous

All class sessions are online. There are no specific days or times. Course learning/interaction takes place online via Blackboard. Activities include but are not limited to online discussion boards, readings, and assignment submissions.

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Mission Statement

The goal of the Master's program in Clinical Trial Management at York College will be to provide students with specialization in clinical trial management. Students who complete the program will be qualified to hold jobs as clinical research professionals, opening the door to industry jobs as clinical investigators, researchers, administrators, consultants, data managers, quality assurance managers, regulatory affairs managers, and educators in clinical trial management.

Students enrolled in the program will have the opportunity to participate in many enrichment and research activities. These include:

  1. Campus presentations and seminars by students and faculty,
  2. CUNY-wide presentations and conferences, and
  3. Regional and national conferences and seminars.

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