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Transcript Re-ordering the columns in your Grade Center

Let’s go back to the Full Grade Center. Note that you may not see all the columns you created, depending on how many there are, on the width of your screen etc. Luckily, there is a scrolling bar underneath the columns. Scroll and you shall see! Mac users: if you do not see the scroll bar, do not panic: Just start a Google search for “enable scrolling on Mac” and you’ll find adequate instructions. 

Notice that your newly created columns appear to the right of the Blackboard's weighted total column. To re-order them, on the action bar, click on “Manage,” select “Column Organization” and play around with the drag and drop action button on the left of each column. [BEEP] Oh, and remember to click "Submit."

You’re all set in the Grade Center. Time to return to the home page and to un-hide the navigation menu: hover your cursor over just outside the right margin of the column header line and click on the arrow that appears: Voilà, the menu just reappeared! Yay!